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Thank You for showing interest at Sreenidhi International school.We offer admission to all  the students will benefit from balanced rigorous IB programmes.The decision of the admissions committee is final for specific admissions.

2. Admission process -  Requirements..

For the students seeking admission to school for the first time (not attended any  school before) should fulfill the age criteria 

as follows

  • Nursery   : 3 Years
  • PP1         : 4 years
  • PP2         : 5 years
  • Grade 1   : 6 years onwards

Let’s Start…Find below the links for the admissions process..

3. Admission Policy

4. Fees

Please do not hesitate to contact with your questions and queries with the contact information below.The admission team is here to serve you and make sure you have a smooth application process. We look forward you to join Sreenidhi Family.

Email: Ms.Jayanthi Singh---admissions@sis.edu.in

Contact No:9912244409, 9912345042, 9912266685, 9912238111. 


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1) Very nice presentation by kids.

 P/ o-Siri Aahlada (PYP5D)

2) The experience today was extremely amazing volunteered at the food counter and was pleased to  see children curious, well informed and polite. The presentation by the children in PYP1 was well researched and presented.  Thank you!

(P/o: Joshua V- PYP1 B)
3) I loved the children’s excitement and the curiosity they showed. This event is an amazing learning  experience for the children to get introduced to different cultures, countries, food etc. My child was excited to research on the topic.
Debica (P/o: Joshua.S-PYP1B)
4) Fabulous concept-ISD.The kids get to learn much more about different Nations, their history, culture, food, economy, and tourism and so much more. It’s so much informative when done this way through activities rather than just reading. This is almost one of my favorite days in the entire
annual academic year: Love the concept of passports and stamping. Beautiful simply.
Pragnya Gupta (P/o: Aaryaveer Gupta—PYP5 D)
5) Very nice, loved the excitement of children. Awesome experience. Great learning for the children.

Rajeshwari Bandari (P/o Akshainie Bandari—PYP3 A)

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