Our constant endeavour is to bring in quality and variety to the faculty. We are looking for both
Title : Admissions Executive / Officer
Code : SIS001

Urgent Requirement for Admissions Executive / Officer.

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Title : Social Studies / Humanities
Code : SIS033

Social Studies / Humanities - Required experienced Social Studies / Humanities Teacher   

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Title : Female Swimming Coach
Code : SIS036

A requirement of a trained female swimming coach to manage all groups of students (particularly female students).

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Title : Teaching Staff
Code : SIS002

Teaching Staff : Positions are available for Primary, Middle School and High School , ICSE and IB trained teachers

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Title : English Teacher
Code : SIS003

English : Experienced teachers for Middle School and Senior School ( IBDP, IBMYP Curricula).

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Title : Senior School Mathematics Teacher
Code : SIS017

Teaching Staff: Positions for experienced Mathematics teacher for senior school , should have exprience of teaching  ISC/ ICSE/ IBDP/ IBMYP

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Title : Sports
Code : SIS020

Requirement of experienced Sports Coach and Physical Education Teachers

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Title : School Nursing Staff
Code : SIS035

Requriement of experienced School Nursing Staff.

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If you are on the same wavelength as we in our ideas of education, please send your CVs for our database by email to hr@sis.edu.in under Subject 'Job Application'.



1) Very nice presentation by kids.

 P/ o-Siri Aahlada (PYP5D)

2) The experience today was extremely amazing volunteered at the food counter and was pleased to  see children curious, well informed and polite. The presentation by the children in PYP1 was well researched and presented.  Thank you!

(P/o: Joshua V- PYP1 B)
3) I loved the children’s excitement and the curiosity they showed. This event is an amazing learning  experience for the children to get introduced to different cultures, countries, food etc. My child was excited to research on the topic.
Debica (P/o: Joshua.S-PYP1B)
4) Fabulous concept-ISD.The kids get to learn much more about different Nations, their history, culture, food, economy, and tourism and so much more. It’s so much informative when done this way through activities rather than just reading. This is almost one of my favorite days in the entire
annual academic year: Love the concept of passports and stamping. Beautiful simply.
Pragnya Gupta (P/o: Aaryaveer Gupta—PYP5 D)
5) Very nice, loved the excitement of children. Awesome experience. Great learning for the children.

Rajeshwari Bandari (P/o Akshainie Bandari—PYP3 A)

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