Executive Director

Mrs. Ssarithha Katikaneni always wanted to be an educator dedicating herself to children. She has done her graduation in Engineering and at present is the Managing Trustee and Executive Director. She has vast international exposure including participation in many workshops and seminars on child education.
Mrs. Ssarithha believes that never was there a more challenging, yet important time in education than now—preparing our children for a future that none of us can quite imagine. She believes that learning languages and academic subjects is not enough; what is required today is to equip the young child with Life Skills to survive and adopt to our ever changing world. She has worked on cultivation of global values and development of systematic thinking ability with the young ones which is the key source of happiness and essential foundation for success in life.

With the core value of excellence and love, the school builds happy children to succeed in the future. Children are her driving passion and she wants every parent and every child and their families to understand the Sreenidhi study system.

Her strong belief in empowering teachers with freedom in work and supporting the faculty with a number of professional development programmes has made Sreenidhi International School a fine institution with excellent learning ambience for students and teachers. Her dynamic outlook on education for the present generation has inculcated a sense of accountability among the teachers and students leading to excellent ethos in the school campus.

Students are her inspiration, she is trying her best to develop and improve early childhood education and to contribute ever more to this profession.

Mrs Ssarithha Katikaneni has taken over as the Managing Trustee apart from being the Executive Director of the School.



Surekha took an action by cycling everyday , after knowing the importance of doing physical activity in the exhibition classes . Initially she started doing cycling for half an hour a day , later on she is cycling for an hour everyday . She is trying to cycle everyday , but at least she could manage to cycle once in every alternative day . The other day she is participating in other games / sports like running with her friend
Thursday , 9th April , 2015.  

 Yours respectfully ,

 Rani Putta (mother)

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