Fee Structure for  IBDP 2022-23









Caution Deposit – Day Boarder (Refundable)


Caution Deposit – Five Day & Full Boarder  (Refundable)




DP1 to DP2

Day Students

DP1 to DP2

5-Day Boarders

DP1 to DP2

7-Day Boarders





Transport Charges (if availed): Day Boarders Early Bus: INR 66,000/- OR Late Bus INR 78,000/- per annum

   Consolidated Fee is inclusive of:

  • TUITION: learning and teaching, digital learning resources / platforms, stationery and supplies, library / media resources, e-texts, experiential co-curricular activities, learning support (identified academic challenges, Math, English), after-school subject-specific support, counselling (guidance, careers, universities, SAT, ACT), physical fitness programs, artistic pursuits, robotics and design technology, in-school preparation for Inter-school teams, competitions, conferences, performances, tournaments, etc.
  • NUTRITION: Breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks / day for EYP1 to DP2 students
  • UNIFORMS: 4 sets official School Uniform, 1 official School Sweater, 2 sets official House Sports Uniform, 2 pair athletic shoes, 1 backpack for PYP1 to DP 2 students (extra sets may be ordered if desired)
  • EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING FIELD TRIPS: Transport expenses within Hyderabad and school-provided snacks for experiential Field Trips OR for teams / entrants representing the school at Inter-school level on weekdays only

For 5-Day and 7-day Boarders:

  • BOARD & LODGING: pastoral care, supervised evening study, daily physical exercise, mindfulness training, social activity program, before- and after-school sports activities, routine medical care, academic advisor, etc.
  • TRANSPORT: pick-up / drop-off between home / school on Mondays / Fridays only for 5-Day Boarders
  • pick-up / drop-off at airport / railway station before / after a long weekend / school holiday for 7-Day Boarders
  • LAUNDRY: all types of School Uniform for 5-Day and 7-Day Boarders


Fee does NOT include:

Check List of documents to be submitted:

  • Toiletries, personal clothing, personal laundry
  • Birth certificate, TC and Bonafide certificate
  • Field trip expenses in Hyderabad excluding transport for school-organized experiential learning
  • Field trip expenses out of Hyderabad, or to represent the school at Inter-School level out of Hyderabad
  • 2 passport-size photos of student
  • 1 set of passport-size photos for both parents
  • Entertainment outside school within Hyderabad
  • Aadhar Card copy of student
  • Pocket money
  • Two prior year’s Report Cards (previous schools)
  • Special or Additional Uniforms
  • Passport copy of student (if applicable)
  • Extraordinary medical expenses
  • Provisional Certificate (if applicable)


  • Self-attested ID proof for both parents

*Consolidated Tuition and School Fees are liable to increase by 10% to 12% annually


Important Points for the 5-Day and 7-Day Boarders:

  1. Pocket money should NOT exceed INR 4000 (USD $100) per annum.
  2. INR 30000 (~USD $400) to be deposited with the school, held in the student’s Personal Deposit Account, from which expenses such as pocket money, entertainment, mobile bills, field trips, toiletries or other personal expenses can be met; expenses to be closely monitored by the school, with a Statement of Expenses incurred and Balance Remaining to be sent to parents, along with Fee Payment Notices for each of Three Installment Payments for the annual Consolidated Tuition and School Fees.


Amenities for 5-Day and l Boarders:

1.Bed with mattress, bed covers, bed sheets, comforts and pillows
2.Cupboard for personal belongings and furniture for studies
3.Hot and cold water in the bathroom
4.Access to internet and television
5.Weekly screening of films
6.Other recreational facilities

For admission enquiry contact - Ph: 9912244409 / 9912266685




1) Very nice presentation by kids.

 P/ o-Siri Aahlada (PYP5D)

2) The experience today was extremely amazing volunteered at the food counter and was pleased to  see children curious, well informed and polite. The presentation by the children in PYP1 was well researched and presented.  Thank you!

(P/o: Joshua V- PYP1 B)
3) I loved the children’s excitement and the curiosity they showed. This event is an amazing learning  experience for the children to get introduced to different cultures, countries, food etc. My child was excited to research on the topic.
Debica (P/o: Joshua.S-PYP1B)
4) Fabulous concept-ISD.The kids get to learn much more about different Nations, their history, culture, food, economy, and tourism and so much more. It’s so much informative when done this way through activities rather than just reading. This is almost one of my favorite days in the entire
annual academic year: Love the concept of passports and stamping. Beautiful simply.
Pragnya Gupta (P/o: Aaryaveer Gupta—PYP5 D)
5) Very nice, loved the excitement of children. Awesome experience. Great learning for the children.

Rajeshwari Bandari (P/o Akshainie Bandari—PYP3 A)

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