Fee Structure for ISC 2017-18









Caution Deposit – Day Boarder (Refundable)


Caution Deposit – Five Day & Full Boarder (Refundable)



Consolidated Fees

Grade XI-XII
Day Boarders

Grade XI-XII
Five Day Boarders

Grade XI-XII
Full Boarders





Transport Charges (if availed): Day Boarders: INR 49,500 per annum

Note : Five Day Boarding & Full boarding is offered from Grade IV - XII

Fees are inclusive of :

Instruction, textbooks, stationery and other resource material unless indicated otherwise

Breakfast and milk for Pre-Primary

Breakfast, lunch and snacks for Std. I to Std. XII Day Boarders

Uniform for Std. I to XII

Boarding and Lodging for Five Day and Full Boarders

Routine medical care for Five Day and Full Boarders

Transport charges for pick up and drop for going home and return to school on weekends for Five Day Boarders

Transport charges for pick up and drop at airport or railway station before and after a long holiday for Full Boarders.

Expenses for field trips and school organized events within Hyderabad and any trip to represent the school at an Inter-School level

Laundry for all types of school uniform for Five Day and Full Boarders


Fees do NOT include:

Toiletries, personal clothing

Educational and recreational trips outside Hyderabad

Entertainment outside school within Hyderabad

Pocket money

Extraordinary medical expenses

Special Uniforms

Fees are liable to Increase by min. 10% to 12% annually.

Important Points for the Five Day and Full Boarders:

Pocket money should NOT exceed INR 4000 (USD 100) per annum.

A total sum of INR 30000 (USD 750) should be deposited with the school under Student’s Personal Deposit, from which the expenses such as pocket money, entertainment money, phone bills, educational trips, toiletries and other personal expenses can be met. These expenses will be closely monitored by the school authority. The school will send a Statement of Expenses incurred by a student from his / her Personal Deposit and the information about the balance left to the Parents along with the Fee Payment notice for each of the three installments.

Amenities for Five Day & Full Boarders:

Bed with mattress, bed covers, bed sheets, blankets and pillows

Cupboard for personal belongings and furniture for studies

Hot and cold water in the bathroom

Access to internet and television

Weekly screening of films and other recreational facilities


For admission enquiry contact - Ph: 9912244409 / 9912266685




Surekha took an action by cycling everyday , after knowing the importance of doing physical activity in the exhibition classes . Initially she started doing cycling for half an hour a day , later on she is cycling for an hour everyday . She is trying to cycle everyday , but at least she could manage to cycle once in every alternative day . The other day she is participating in other games / sports like running with her friend
Thursday , 9th April , 2015.  

 Yours respectfully ,

 Rani Putta (mother)



When we moved to India and considered few schools for my kids (Sindhu & Vivek Nadipalli), I had a hard time to decide which is the right school for them. I compared Sreenidhi with some other top schools, and decided to admit them in Sreenidhi. Now I feel that I had taken a right decision to choose Sreenidhi, and never regretted about it. I wanted to tell you about it but never had an opportunity to do so. I thought it would be a good time to express my feedback since Sindhu is going to graduate and we lose ties with Sreenidhi. Reasons for appreciation:

1. All the teaching and non-teaching staff are very professional, and take care of the students like their own kids, and take care of the parents like special guests.


2. In case of any information or help, it's instant and accurate.


3. Teachers are very friendly and proficient in their subjects.


4. Open door policy. Somebody could come directly and see any of the staff member without any appointment.


5. Very considerable. Especially, Santosh sir and Shanmugam sir.


Vivek has completed his 10th grade from Sreenidhi International, and now he's studying six year Medicine program in Youngstown State University in Ohio, US. He says that he misses the school.


After Sindhu's 8th Grade we wanted to move Sindhu to a different school because of the commuting from our home. She strongly resisted to move from Sreenidhi. That shows how much she loves her school and what she is doing at the school.

Once I needed something from you and I contacted Santosh sir. Sanotsh sir got it done within no time, and I submitted that letter to the US Institution. Unfortunately, the Institution wanted in a different format. It repeated several times but you both never showed your frustration, and cooperated through the end process. I have no more words to say about Sreenidhi but we are going to miss it once Sindhu graduates. Sorry to lose the connection with you all. Especially, Santosh sir Shanmugam sir and Saraswathi madam.


Please keep up good work.


Yours sincerely,

Upender Nadipalli

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