Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the United Nations where students learn about diplomacy and international relations through public speaking and debate. Students represent a member country of the United Nations and a UN Committee as a delegate and thereby gain a good understanding of the country and committee they represent. Participating in MUN’s helps students to understand global issues and find solutions through debates, discussions, and passing of resolutions.

MUN is a student led initiative at Sreenidhi. Our students enthusiastically participate in a number of Model United Nations throughout the year and have gone on to win awards in many of them. Sreenidhi International School is proud to host its first interschool MUN, called SreenidhiMUN, from the 12th to 14th of September 2014 with a simulation of six committees - General Assembly, Human Rights Council, United Nations Environment Program, Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Committee, Disarmament & International Security and World Trade Organization.



1) Very nice presentation by kids.

 P/ o-Siri Aahlada (PYP5D)

2) The experience today was extremely amazing volunteered at the food counter and was pleased to  see children curious, well informed and polite. The presentation by the children in PYP1 was well researched and presented.  Thank you!

(P/o: Joshua V- PYP1 B)
3) I loved the children’s excitement and the curiosity they showed. This event is an amazing learning  experience for the children to get introduced to different cultures, countries, food etc. My child was excited to research on the topic.
Debica (P/o: Joshua.S-PYP1B)
4) Fabulous concept-ISD.The kids get to learn much more about different Nations, their history, culture, food, economy, and tourism and so much more. It’s so much informative when done this way through activities rather than just reading. This is almost one of my favorite days in the entire
annual academic year: Love the concept of passports and stamping. Beautiful simply.
Pragnya Gupta (P/o: Aaryaveer Gupta—PYP5 D)
5) Very nice, loved the excitement of children. Awesome experience. Great learning for the children.

Rajeshwari Bandari (P/o Akshainie Bandari—PYP3 A)

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