HOS Message

A very warm welcome to Sreenidhi International School! The school is unique in Hyderabad and India. The quality of education provided is quality assured by CIS and NEASC which gives peace of mind to parents that children are safe, well-educated and in a stable and high-quality environment. In addition, the school Proudly offers a continuum of IB (International Baccalaureate) education with its PYP (Primary Years Programme), MYP (Middle Years Programme) and DP (Diploma Programme). Very few schools are as rigorously quality checked and internationally recognized as Sreenidhi!

The biggest issues facing our planet over the last few years have been climate change, security, poverty, inequality and the global pandemic. How can we prepare young people for a world that is so unpredictable? What has become very clear is that the only way to understand and address such issues is collaboratively, across international boundaries and with compassion. At Sreenidhi we deliberately incorporate all such skills and attributes into the learning so that our learners are able to navigate the future and make a difference in the world. This nurturing ignites the desire to learn and kindles the spirit of curiosity and imagination. Students at Sreenidhi learn to investigate using skills of research, communication, collaboration and high-level thinking. They become socially responsible, compassionate, principled risk-takers who are global citizens that understand their culture and that of others.

The philosophy at Sreenidhi is to provide an education to meet the needs of our students now and to equip them to thrive in future as global citizens. Sreenidhi takes great pride in its tradition of being a leader in developing global citizens through an IB education, and with our wonderful community providing an education that is more than just schooling. Our students have many opportunities to find and explore their passions and talent within school life, connecting to their academic progress. The academic and life skills that they learn are crucial for their future success.

Our students will leave school and enter a competitive world where they will need all their academic ability, strength of character, and personal skills to be happy and successful. We provide a both a rigorous and nurturing environment in which our students become active global citizens of tomorrow. Sreenidhi has been able to successfully transition to virtual learning almost seamlessly because of the school’s 1:1 Chromebook programme for students in PYP 3 to MYP3, and Bring Your Own Devices for MYP4 to DP2. For five years, the use of Chromebooks has been tested and has proven to be an essential learning tool for Sreenidhi students, providing opportunities to research, innovate, create presentations, communicate via school email accounts, and build skills through online learning platforms to keep pace with ever-changing requirements for international education.

Every child is different at each stage of their development and therefore has different needs. The excellent Sreenidhi teachers recognize and meet these needs through a differentiated and challenging curriculum and a range of exciting additional opportunities. We pride ourselves in knowing every child and in working with each individual to kindle their passions, and realize their true potential in the classroom, in the laboratory, on the stage, or the playing field.

Welcome to our school!
Malcolm Nicolson (Head of School)