Murali Krishna A.

Class of 2014

Northeastern University, MA, USA.

9th July 2015: Exactly one year back, I prepared myself to make a big transition in my life. I was all set to pursue my Bachelors degree at Northeastern University. I knew it wouldn’t be an easy task because I would have to live independently and stay far away from home.

Although I was far away from home, I was not totally disappointed since a couple of my classmates also accompanied me. One of them goes to the same college as I do and the other goes to a different college.

I always believed that college marks the beginning of an important stage of every individual’s career. It is the time when students learn to stand up on their own feet and learn to live independently.

Northeastern is a very big university with a total of 20,000 students approximately. Moreover, it is also the 7th largest university in the United States in terms of the International student population. This clearly gives an idea about the diverseness of this university.

In fact, with such a high International student population, it is very easy to acculturate and meet lots of new students. The environment is very friendly at Northeastern and there are students from all parts of the globe. Northeastern is located right in the heart of Boston. Furthermore, Boston is the home for a number of outstanding and prestigious universities. I totally feel that Boston is one of the best locations in the world to pursue higher education.

However, I faced a couple of small problems; one of the most important one being the weather. The winters in Boston are quite rough and depressing. Winter lasts for about 5-6 months and the temperature drops to about -23˚ C with heavy snowfall in the months of January and February.

Apart from the weather, I also found it quite difficult to wake up for the 8 AM classes every day and there were around 5-6 occasions when I overslept and skipped my classes. In turn, this had minor impact on my final grades since I lost points for my attendance. Thanks to my dorm parents (Kaviraj Sir, Chandramohan Sir, Shiv Sir) at Sreenidhi who ensured that I did not skip any classes while I was at school.

Mechanical Engineering is one of the toughest courses and is very rigorous. The workload increases gradually as the semester progresses. This major requires every student to take a lot of courses. Any course on an average requires students to complete 120 credits in 4 years. On the other hand, Mechanical Engineering requires every student complete 137 credits in 4 years.

Even though Mechanical Engineering is really difficult, I personally feel that the IB program has prepared me well to face all obstacles at my University. I was very happy when I was informed by my advisor that I could skip a lot classes since I have credits from IB. I received a total of 20 credits, which helped me skip most of the core courses.

The only advice that I would like to give all the IB students is to take the program seriously and work hard because it benefits them in future. Also, each student approximately has 2-4 classes a day albeit, they are very serious and the workload is very high.

The faculty at Northeastern is very highly experienced. The professors are very friendly and are always available in person or can be contacted via email, mobile. They expound on every small topic. Moreover, my Calculus 2 professor is highly trained and one of the best I have ever studied under. When I joined at Northeastern, my math skills were incipient. Eventually it was my math professor who dwelled into every topic clearly and helped me score an A that course.

In addition, a lot of senior students take the responsibility to work as Teaching Assistants (TA) these students are always available on campus. They are very competent with all concepts taught by the professors. It is always good to make the best use of them, especially during the exams and while the professors are on leave.

Initially I was ambivalent about my college decision, I was worried if I made the right move by choosing Northeastern over UBC. But gradually, I realized that this is the right place for me to be and I fit in here perfectly. I can’t believe that my freshman year has passed away so quickly; college is starkly different from what I expected. I am looking forward to taking part in many clubs at the university because it helps professionally and socially.

In addition, I am taking part in an Internship in order to build my resume for my first CO-OP job. I returned back to India with lots of unforgettable moments from Northeastern and a revisit to Sreenidhi evoked nostalgic moments from my school days.


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