Leela Yeleswarapu

Class of 2015

Knox College, USA

I am really glad I’ve made the right choice. After coming here, I realized that yes Knox IS the the place for me to be. It has been 1 month into college here and I am having a fantastic experience so far! I’ve had a very warm welcome into Galesburg & Knox. The first 2 and half weeks were dedicated to a tightly packed orientation which helped all the international and national students to settle and bond with each other.

I am truly enjoying the diversity of this place. I love how open and accepting people here are to different opinions and perspectives. This was one thing we learnt during our orientation – to leave the stereotypes behind, to understand and accept others for who they are. In Knox everyone wants to do something big in their lives and make a difference in the community. There is definitely competition here, but, a very healthy & encouraging one, which pushes students to rise above their standards.

I have 7 credits transferred because of my IB Score. Since I have credits for my 1st year Econ courses, I am currently taking a Econ 300 level course – Intermediate Economics, because of which I am surrounded by the juniors of this school!

It also gives me immense pleasure to let you know that I’ve become the Student Senator, last Friday through the Student Elections. Six students from each class are voted for to represent their class. I have been designated a post in the Campus Diversity Committee where my job is to provide advice and counsel to the President for ways in which Knox’s educational programs, institutional practices, and community of students, faculty and staff can fulfill the College’s commitment to diversity.

                             Congratulations Leela on being selected as a  Student Senator at Knox College!

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