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We look forward to hearing  from our Alumni. Send us your news, tell us about your college experiences, travels , accomplishments and any tips and advice you have to share as our senior class begins the application process to colleges. Do send us articles, photos, messages. Stay in touch!

Vickram Jivv Rao Katikaneni

Class of 2014

Wheaton College, MA, USA

14th April 2015: Almost one year is done and I can’t believe it, time really does fly. It’s been a good year. Lot of work to do now at the end of the year.


J B Venkatesh

Class of 2014

University of Rochester, NY, USA

7th April 2015: Sometimes life moves faster than ever. Probably because there are too many things happening around you. I still can’t believe it has been one year since I was in a dilemma about my life and college. Look where I am now, in college and almost done with my freshman year.

I think this has been one big journey but a life changing one to be honest. I have looked at too many roads that I wanted to go in but yeah I think I know where I am going. Sometimes I have made the most difficult decision but I am glad I am finally gaining the ability to make them on my own.

One year ago, I asked you in your office if I would be happy here in the coldest place ever but I am glad I chose to be part of a community that is ever so thriving and hungry for something “Ever Better.” I think this is what life is all about, struggling for something that is ever better and doing something you love, and learning that you haven’t yet discovered about the world and there is more to it.  Meliora!


Kaushik Yadav

Class of 2014

University of British Columbia, Okanagan, Canada

2nd September 2014: Its been a week since I have arrived at the UBC Okanagan campus and I love it! The people are amazing, helpful and its just beautiful out here in Kelowna. I have met people from different countries and they have all applied to UBCO mainly because of the smaller campus size.
A smaller campus actually is good. I already know a lot of people here and its been splendid. I spoke to a few 2nd year and 3rd year students and they said you get a one on one with your professor and its hard to get that sort of help at other universities.
My classes start on 3rd of September and I am excited and nervous. But so far here at UBCO its been Awesome!



Glimpses of My First Month in Singapore

Raveena Racharla

Class of 2014

Business and Management University of London Program at Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore

16th September 2014

Finally in Singapore!

I received my student’s pass. It was all very easy and smooth. I attended an enrollment talk on 12th Sep. I met many Indians during the session. Most of them were from Chennai and Bangalore.

Yesterday was the first day of my college. There were around 100 students in the lecture hall. We had an economics class yesterday; out of 100 most were international students while there were only a few locals. There were even students from Punjab and Delhi.

SIM is a good place. The campus and facilities and all are amazing. I am yet to explore the facilities and the clubs though. The canteens are good and the library is excellent. They have a book shop in the college itself where you can find all the books required based on the programs and universities we choose. The book shop also has a range of other things like electronics and all of which can be bought at a lower price by producing our I D card.

My hostel is very near to the college. It takes 1-2 mins to reach college by bus. The hostel is called East Lodge, in Clementi, near to SIM and NUS. The hostels have cooking stations and it is quite good. I am staying in a twin sharing room. Anyway around 4-5 of us are planning to shift to an apartment after a month or two.

19th September 2014

With today, I completed a week’s schedule in college. All the classes went well and had classes with almost very different people each day! The lecturers are good so far.

And attached is a screenshot of my timetable. That’s how my week’s schedule is, Morning and afternoon classes alternatively. And my subjects are Economics, accounting, business, math and statistics while statistics will start from December onwards, which will replace my Independent Study class.

4th October 2014

I am loving Singapore!! :D and my college! I am totally comfortable with the timetable and the lecturers. The education is pretty good, according to me. All my lecturers are really good, especially Math. So, I am quite happy with the teaching system and the lecturers. I also received my study guides from the University of London.



Transitioning to College

By Tanvi Shrimal ( Class of 2013)

I feel that College is a big step towards the future so try and follow your heart, and go where you want to go, because you won’t work hard enough to fit in until you love where you are.

UMass Amherst is definitely one of the greatest schools if you love diversity, a large college and a large number of subjects to choose from. I am an Economics Major, yet this semester I am taking Physics, Biology and Communications! It’s great to try out new subjects as you never know which one you might like more, and would want to probably minor in it too.

The campus at UMass is the best ever. I love living on campus, it is spread over 1463 acres with magnificent buildings, dorms, and the world’s most beautiful sunrise and sunset. I live in a dorm with 22 stories and 600 people living below and above me. UMass Amherst is rated #1 for its food in the whole of USA. There are 5 dining commons and I live right next to one of the most healthiest one, the cuisines served are Chinese, Street food, Indian, Sushi, sandwiches, Italian, different kinds of rice, soups, stir fry, desserts, cookies, ice-cream and so much more! Being a vegetarian I honestly never had any problems with food.

The classes range from 15 students to 1000 students. My Communications class has 1000 students, my English class has 15 students, my Math class had about 500 students and my Physics class can be taken online or you could go to class too. There is so much to do here that you can barely find any spare time and waste it. There are clubs, sports, games almost every night to watch and the best part is students get free entry. The gym is one of the best things I have seen, on the first floor there are classes that take place every day, the second level has weights and 4 indoor amazing basketball courts, on the third level there is a track of 400 meters, right above the basketball court and a hollow in between that enables you to see people playing while you are jogging and the third level also has treadmills, upright & recumbent bikes, Cybex arc trainers, Concept 2 rowers, Life Fitness summit trainer, Precor adaptive motion trainers, Technogym waves & upper body ergonometer, cardio theater and so much more.

UMass Amherst is part of a consortium of 5 different colleges, around Amherst. The other 4 colleges are Amherst College, Mt. Holyoke, Hampshire College, and Smith College, if you sign up you can take classes in any of the other colleges too. Student get a free ride to all the other 4 colleges by the PVTA busses and with an ID you can also get a free ride to malls and few other parts of town. The Isnberg School, which is the business school at UMass is highly respected and prestigious, only business students can take classes in Isnberg, which is a barrier for me, even though I am an Economics major I am not allowed to take business classes there.

It is tough to live in a completely new and different culture, you need to take care of yourself, clean your own room and most importantly get along with people. In a huge college like UMass in the first semester I was lost, if I saw at least one face every day and did not even know the person but would see them somewhere again it gave me some amount of satisfaction and happiness, but as the semester went by I made amazing friends and now I see them all around, they never let you feel lonely so don’t stay in, get out there talk to people get to know them and use all the resources that are available to you.

Chadrahas Reddy’s Engineering Team at Purdue wins Most Valuable Player Award at the International Marine Advanced Technology Education Competition.

Congratulations to Chandrahas Reddy ( Class of 2012) who along with his Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Team at Purdue University, USA, won the Most Valuable Player Award at the International Marine Advanced Technology Education  (MATE) competition held in Seattle. The theme of the competition was monitoring and repairing ocean observing systems.

Chandrahas’ team built an underwater robot controlled by a laptop and an Xbox controller which could endure underwater depths of up to 1,000 ft. Chandrahas who is a freshman at Purdue’s College of Engineering helped design a PCB for the transmissometer (an instrument for measuring visual properties of water).

The team also received the Judges’ Choice Award – an opportunity awarded to just one team to attend the Underwater Intervention conference. The team will represent the MATE Center at the prestigious Underwater Intervention Conference in New Orleans February 11-13, 2014.

Congratulations Chandrahas on this exceptional achievement! We wish you the very best of luck for the Underwater Intervention Conference in Feb 2014.

Please click on these links for additional information:

Congratulations to Nikhil Jude (Class of 2012) for his outstanding academic achievement at Georgia Military College, USA. Nikhil has earned the honor of being placed on the Dean’s List for excellence in academics.

The Dean’s List is to honor students who attain high scholastic standing. Nikhil has earned this distinction in his first year at college after receiving a full scholarship to study at Georgia Military College, USA.

Congratulations Nikhil! The Senior Management Team, Teachers, Staff and Students at Sreenidhi International School are very proud of you and we wish you a very successful life ahead of you.

Please click here to read Dr. Philip Holmes, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty’s letter to Nikhil