Chairman’s Message

It is very heartening to learn that all of you have now entered the `real world’. I have no doubt that each one of you will work hard and achieve untold success and happiness. Some of you have got into prestigious universities in India and abroad. I am sure that you will be the pride and joy of these institutions. Your success in the world will be our reward. What sort of reward will it be? It will be a reassuring confirmation that we have done our best, that we have done right by our students and that we have fulfilled the promise we gave you and your parents.

For us, all of you will for ever remain part of the Sreenidhi family. You will be busy in the years to come, getting university degrees, getting jobs, and achieving all that you have dreamt for and aspired. But I want to also say to you that during the course of your life’s journey, Sreenidhi will always remain a welcoming home for you to return. We will not be found wanting in our warmth, affection and welcome. I wish you all the best, and pray that the pathway you tread be laden with wisdom, achievement and happiness.