The Primary section of SNIS is an authorized school for PYP (Primary Years Programme) of International Baccalaureate (IB), which focuses on the development of the whole child, both in the classroom and in the world outside.


Grade 2 A- 13th April, 2016

We started our day with an assembly presentation by the students of grade 4 B, followed by breakfast. During circle time the students had a read aloud session where few students read the book” The Hare and the Tortoise again”. In UOI, a story of two boys Ram and Shyam were shared with the students. [...]



Grade PP 1 A- 15th February, 2016

We began our day with circle time where we said prayer and talked about the importance of time. We did calendar time and our word of the day was ‘Pus’. In UOI we revisited the concept of community and made a list of people helping in the community. We moved on to the dance class, [...]

Grade PP 1 A- 8th February, 2016

We began our day with circle time where we shared about our weekend. We did calendar time and our word of the day was ‘Lad’. We began our new unit ‘People play different roles in the communities they belong’ under the Transdisciplinary theme- How we organize ourselves’  with the story ‘ Tim and his neighbours’ [...]

Grade 4 A- 3rd February, 2016

We started our day with the sports assembly followed by PSP. We started our homeroom with the word of the day “Venezuela” followed by the assembly practice. In UOI, the students had a loud reading on the process involved in collecting, analyzing and validating evidence. While sharing their understanding, the students connected to area, perimeter [...]

Grade PP 1 A- 16th December, 2015

We began our day with nature walk and played games like ‘beginning letter, Tom and Jerry and had a race’. The students listed the things they observed on the ground and chose a situation like ‘if they were a bird, flower, bee, cat,…what they would do? They drew their imagination and shared it with their [...]

Nursery- 12.9.15

We started our day with music class where the students sang songs (wind the bob in up,if you happy and you know,clap your hands….). In circle time we said prayer and read a book “Phoo’s birthday party”. We discussed when you go to the birthday party what you do! Each students reflected -I will play with [...]

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