The Primary section of SNIS is an authorized school for PYP (Primary Years Programme) of International Baccalaureate (IB), which focuses on the development of the whole child, both in the classroom and in the world outside.

Grade 4 ,30th June, 2010

Today we started the day with a mental Math worksheet which was based on the concept of rearranging the numbers & subtracting them. The students also were introduced to the concept of ‘Rounding’. Next the students were divided into groups of 4 & were given the task of discussing what is an interview & different [...]


We started our day with the PYP assembly by the students of Grade 3A. The innovative thing about today’s assembly was that the whole assembly was conducted independently by the students themselves. It was good to see that the students arranged themselves pretty well. In the drama class, all the students of grade 5 enjoyed [...]

A Farewell……

It was an emotional day for the students of Grade 5 A. One of their classmate, Namolchanok was to bid farewell to all today as she is moving back to Thailand, her native place. The students made a greeting card for her with goodbye messages written by each one of them…… wishing her good luck [...]

Happenings PP 1- 30th June, 2010-2011

We started our day with a prayer, after which we went for swimming. The students were excited to play in the swimming pool. In the next session we introduced letter ‘D d’ and its sounds. We formed words from the sound- “d”. We discussed the story-”The boy and the cashew nut”. The students drew sleeping [...]

Grade 3- 30th June, 2010

It was wonderful to see the students of 3B performing independently at the PYP class assembly today. It was appreciated by our coordinator, students and teachers…… Dhruv made all the announcements and Pratyush gave the command…….Aditya said pledge .Nina and Pranavi read today’s- national and sports news while the thought for the day was by [...]

Recap PP2 B- 30th June, 2010.

The day started with a prayer and meditation. In the circle time we discussed and made few essential agreements. We revisited numbers 1-50(orally) and made our transport corner. In the Drama class we worked on expression, movements, speech and through a song we worked on our voice modulation. We did worksheets on numbers and land [...]

PP 2 A- 30th June, 2010

Our day started with a prayer and circle time .We also read a story “Meet the fire fighters”. We talked about how fire engine and fire men are essential in our community and they too have a system. We revised numbers 1-50. We counted and circled the correct number on the “vehicle” worksheet. In drama [...]

Grade 2 C- 30 June, 2010

The day started with an assembly by the student of grade 3B followed by the JPE where the student enjoyed playing tennis. We did a mental Math worksheet and addition carryover in our note book. In our UOI the student were asked to frame two questions that they would like to ask their father to [...]

GRADE 2B Reflections-30th June, 2010

We started our day with an assembly by the students of grade 3B. The assembly was followed by the JPE class where the students played tennis. In the homeroom the students were asked to frame 2 questions that they would like to ask their father to know about their workplace. The students were divided according [...]

Grade 2 A 30/6/10

We started our day with an assembly by the students of grade 3 A followed by JPE. In the homeroom the students were given a slip of paper where they had to write one question that they want to ask to know more about  their father’s workplace. Each of them wrote and later we sorted [...]

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