The Primary section of SNIS is an authorized school for PYP (Primary Years Programme) of International Baccalaureate (IB), which focuses on the development of the whole child, both in the classroom and in the world outside.

grade 3B swimming pics

Grade PP 2 A- 30th June, 2011

Today we visited Aziz nagar village and Gachibowli to see the different types of homes (Apartment, small independent homes, stone and mud homes, brick homes, tent, asbestos homes…….). We visited the village headman’s (sharbunge) home, where the students understood -How his home is different from their homes. We came back from field trip & did a mind map on [...]

Today @ Nursery- 30/6/2011

Today our day started with the prayer and circle time, where we discussed the learner profile “Principled” through a short story. We sang some nursery rhymes with action. We did our weather calendar along with the rhyme on the days of the week. Next in the home room we shared our cut outs with our [...]

pp2 field trip …. to Aziz Nagar Village

Grade 1 B glance ……

Grade 2B- 30th June, 2011

After the Assembly, in our Home room we framed 5 questions in our language book. We revisited the spelling assessment words and did a crossword puzzle worksheet on materials. We had our first formative assessment wherein the students chose a material from the material corner and presented its uses either orally or in written form. [...]

Today’s happenings in Gr-2A- 30-06-11

We started our day with the PYP assembly conducted by the students of Gr-4A.  In the circle time we discussed the importance of ‘Listening Skills under ‘Communication Skills’. In our home room we had formative assessment on 1st line inquiry, and worked on crossed word puzzle where they needed to write the correct material name [...]

Grade 3B- 30th June, 2011

Our day started with the PYP assembly presented by the students of grade 4A. In homeroom the students learnt the facts of odd and even numbers in TD Math. In UOI the students finished their research and came to the common understanding of the questions formulated for the research. In Telugu the students did “venadaganevva [...]

Today’s Happenings 3 C (30-6-11)

Today we started our day with an assembly presentation by the student of grade 4A. In our home room we had our circle time, where the students shared the information they bought from their home related to the unit of inquiry and about the Wimbledon new. In the TD Language two students were given with [...]

Happenings of Grade 1A- 30th June, 2011

Today we started our day with the PYP Assembly by the students of grade 4A. In our home room we had circle time, where the students discussed IB Learner Profile “Caring” and “open-minded”. After that the students read a book and shared their reflections with their peers. In U.O.I the students were divided into two [...]

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