The Primary section of SNIS is an authorized school for PYP (Primary Years Programme) of International Baccalaureate (IB), which focuses on the development of the whole child, both in the classroom and in the world outside.

Glance of mother tongue classes ….. 29th July 2011

Grade 2 B- 28th July, 2011

Today’s assembly was presented by the students of Grade 2C. In the home room the students made a mind map on why do we need sign and symbol (in groups). Later they were grouped using “Animal Sound” strategy and wrote their understanding on the signs and symbols given (+, -, !, …..). The students related [...]

Today @ Nursery- 29/7/2011

Today we started our day with the Music class, where we sang songs on the key board and we tried to recollect all the Musical instruments which are in our Music room. In our Home room, where we discussed good habits and manners with the help of pictures in our circle time. Next we played a [...]

Grade PP 1-29th July, 2011

We started our day with the circle time, where we shared about their best friend and Anoushka shared the story of “Hansel and Gretal” which she read at home.  We introduced the letter p along with its phonic sound and words related to the letter and did a learning engagement rainbow tracing of letter P. We [...]

Grade 3C- happenings (28th July)

Today we started our day with an assembly presented by the students of grade 2C. In the homeroom we started with circle time, where the students shared the news they bought today. In the unit of inquiry we invited resource persons as a Hungarian parent and a parent from US to talk to the students [...]

Grade 3 A- 28th July, 2011

We started the day with the PYP assembly by the students of grade 2C.The students had done describing words [Adjectives] in class today. They also did the sorting of their favourite home room celebrations. Today they had a presentation on the celebrations of the world  by some of our parents of grade three which was [...]

Updates in Gr-2A- 28-07-11

Our day started with the assembly by the students of Gr-2C. In the circle time we practiced for our upcoming assembly.  In groups we created signage for our homeroom, and had quiz by sorting the signs & symbols. In TD Math we did a follow up on Venn diagram. In TD language we read a story [...]

Grade 5 A Update- 28th July 2011

We started our day with the assembly by the students of Grade 2 C. The students went for a field trip to Rythu Bazaar and Reliance Fresh. The students observed both the places and also inquired about the prices of various items sold there. The students made a note of it in their notebooks. The [...]

Today’s blog (29th July 2011)

We started our day with the assembly conducted by the students of grade 2B. In the circle time the students discussed the IB learner profiles, attitudes, skills, concepts. In the HR class the students set up their farmers market. In TD Math they were given a worksheet to prepare a bill. Later they were given [...]

Today @ Grade1A-29th July, 2011

We started our day with an assembly by the students of Grade 2B. In UOI we had a brief discussion on the word “map”. The students spoke about the journey which they have been recently and were asked Name of the place and also how did they go. After that the students were given India [...]

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