The Primary section of SNIS is an authorized school for PYP (Primary Years Programme) of International Baccalaureate (IB), which focuses on the development of the whole child, both in the classroom and in the world outside.

Grade PP 1- 23rd December, 2011

We started our day with the special assembly, where the children heard carols and a play on the birth of Jesus. In our Unit of Inquiry we watched a video on the seed which turns into a plant. The students enjoyed coloring the reindeer. Regards, Prabhavathi Abel

Grade PP 2 A- 23rd December, 2011

Our day began with breakfast and later we went to the Christmas special assembly, where we met Santa and got candies from him. We revised the vowel (a, e, i, o, u ) and did a learning engagement related to it. We read the story ”Well done, Little bear” book brought by Videh. The students [...]

Grade PP 2 B- 23rd December, 2011

Our day began with the Special Assembly on Christmas. We did circle time and later did a learning engagement on vowel ‘o’. The students had fun playing in the big play area. Regards, Gowri Kunwar



Grade PP 2 A- 22nd December, 2011

Our day began with our ”UOI Expression” unit - Summative assessment, where the students presented their understanding of -people can express in different ways by drawing, acting, dancing their daily routine. The students enjoyed their summative task and presented it very well. Later we revised the vowels and did a learning engagement related to vowel ”i”. [...]

Grade PP 2 B- 22nd December, 2011

We started our day with the circle time. We did count by 5′s with the help of ice cream sticks and later in our Unit of inquiry we had the Summative assessment, where the students expressed their daily routine either through drawing/acting/telling or dancing and came up saying that we can express through different ways. [...]

Grade 1 B , 22nd December 2011

We started our day with our class assembly presentation. All the students participated in the assembly. Compeering by Anwesha Thought by Tanvi Prayer by Ritisha Pledge by Bhuvan Command by Yashas Hindi poem by all the Additional language Hindi students Telugu poem by All the Additional language telugu students In language class the students did [...]

Updates in Gr-2A – 22-12-11

Our day started with the assembly by the students of Gr-1B. In the home room, the students had summative assessment.  In TD Math they revised ordinal numbers through a practice sheet.  In Language the students revised ‘tenses’ through a practice sheet. They practiced ‘nativity play’ for the special assembly on 23-12-11. Regards,  Sri Chinnamuttevi & [...]

Happening’s @ Grade 1A:22nd December, 2011

We started our day with an assembly presentation by Grade 1B students. In Math the students solved few pages from their Pyramid book to revisit the concepts of 2digit addition with carry over. In Language the students did a worksheet on prepositions. We also did few pages from their workbook. Additional Language: Telugu: The students [...]

Today @ Nursery- 22/12/2011

Our day started with the prayer and circle time. Next we went to the ICT class and did We made a Christmas card in the computer. In the Home room we did work sheet on the letter Ee and identified pictures which start with Ee letter. We circled them and revised numbers 1 to [...]

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