The Primary section of SNIS is an authorized school for PYP (Primary Years Programme) of International Baccalaureate (IB), which focuses on the development of the whole child, both in the classroom and in the world outside.

Grade 4 B- 29th February, 2012

Today, our day started with the special assembly conducted by the students from The Calorx  school-Ahmedabad, who are at SNIS for an exchange program with our grade-5 students. The students enjoyed the skit and the dance performance by them. In our home room, the students had a brain stormed on the yesterday’s guest session by [...]

Updates in Gr-2A – 29-02-12

Our day started with the assembly by the students of Gr-4A. In the homeroom the students in groups wrote the common definition of the word ‘source’ and listed out the resources. In TD Language the students found the meaning of ‘source’ using dictionary.  In Math the students had follow up on ‘Multiplication’ used manipulative ‘straws’ [...]

Grade 3C- happening (29thFebruary, 2o12)

Today we started our day with the assembly presented by the students of grade 4A. There was a special assembly by the students came for exchange programme from The Calorx school, on the occasion of Gujarat day. In the unit of inquiry we discussed the meanings written by the students for their home assignment yesterday. [...]

Grade 1 A- 29th February, 2012

Our day started with the assembly by the students of grade 4 “A” and later by the visiting students from The Calorx  School. They presented  a special assembly on the occasion of Gujarati Day. In UOI the students are divided into groups and each group took one resource to research about. The students researched on [...]

Grade 1 B , 29th February 2012

We started our day with the assembly by the students, who have come for the exchange programme from The Calorx School, Ahmedabad. They presented a very informative and colourful assembly, where they projected their state in dance and drama form. It was very informative assembly and everybody enjoyed it to the fullest. In UOI the students continued their [...]

TODAY’S RECAP @ 3 A – 29/2/12

Today our day began with a special assembly on the occasion of “Gujarat Day” presented by grade 5 students from The Calorx School, Ahmadabad, who were here for a week on a cultural exchange programme with our grade 5 students. It was a great show through which we got to know about different places and [...]

Grade PP 2 A- 29th February, 2012

Our day began with the art class where the students did a tearing and pasting of colour paper activity. In our home room we discussed – what is a transportation system with pictures. Later we listed down the procedure in the air transportation system. We revised count by 2′s with ice-cream sticks and did a learning engagement related to it. The [...]

Grade PP 1- 29th February, 2012

We started our day with a prayer by Siddharth. In our circle time we read a story “playing        together on the move”. In the music class we sang “May the good lord”. In our homeroom we revised all the letters by playing an alphabet game and did a learning engagement identify the [...]

Grade PP 2 B- 29th February, 2012

We began our day with the circle time and read the book “David goes to school”. In our UOI we discussed the air transportation system and rail transportation system and also looked into different books on the same. We went to the dance class. We wrote the ‘ail’ words in our notebooks and did a [...]

Grade 5A Update- 28th February 2012

Our day began with the assembly by the students of Grade 3 C. In our homeroom, on day two of the exchange program, the students actively participated in the various learning engagements. The students recalled the yesterday’s session wherein they learnt the difference between the closed and open-ended questions. They were given a practice sheet [...]

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