The Primary section of SNIS is an authorized school for PYP (Primary Years Programme) of International Baccalaureate (IB), which focuses on the development of the whole child, both in the classroom and in the world outside.

Updates in Gr-2A – 28-06-12

Our day started with the assembly by the students of Gr-1A & B. In homeroom the students had an interactive session with Mr. Shravan, art teacher on ‘collage work’ in the AV room.  In Language they had a learning engagement on the symbols (full stop, comma & question mark). In Additional Languages- Telugu – The [...]

Grade 5 C – 29th June 2012,

Today we started our day with PYP Assembly by the students of grade 5C. The students continued doing researched about different land forms using books, dictionaries, internet based on the questions they have framed. The students went to library class and did research about different land forms. Later they went to Music Instrument class. The students made mind [...]

TODAY’S RECAP @ 4 A — 29/06/12

Today our day began with assembly presented by the students of grade 5C. Next in the homeroom the students completed their presentations and started with our first formative assessment where they would display their understanding of their chosen body system and its working. The two groups which presented their research work were circulatory and muscular system. [...]

Grade 2B update – 29/6/12

Our day started with the assembly conducted by the students of grade-5C. In our home rooms, the students made a mind map of collage in groups and shared it with their peers. They said that collage is used to convey something and also that it is a form of visual language. Later, they made a [...]

Grade 3C- Today’s Happenings- 29th June, 2012

The day started with an assembly presented by the students of grade 5 C In homeroom the students in groups decided the criteria’s for their assessment. Math- The students were given sums to solve (horizontal way).They did research on group of things called as…. And later through discussion we came with the word- collective noun [...]

Grade 4B- 28st June, 2012

The day began with the morning assembly presented by the students of grade 5 C. The assembly was followed by the Swimming session. 1. They did bubbling and breathe hold practice in the water to develop their stamina. 2. Half of the students practiced full length practice i.e., in 6 feet depth and few children [...]

Grade 4C- happenings (29th June)

Today we started our day with the assembly presented by the students of 5C. In the home room the students presented their research work on digestive system. The remaining students made notes after listening to the presentation on the digestive system. Later they watched some videos on the working of the circulatory system and digestive [...]

Happening grade 3 A -29th July, 2012

We started our day with the assembly presentation by the students of grade 5 C. In our UOI we had our formative assessment for our second line of inquiry, where the students had to pick a chit and state why people join the organization mentioned in it. The assessment tool was rubric and it was [...]

Recap of grade 1 B 28-06-12

pp-1 Swimming

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