The Primary section of SNIS is an authorized school for PYP (Primary Years Programme) of International Baccalaureate (IB), which focuses on the development of the whole child, both in the classroom and in the world outside.

Grade 5 A- 31st July 2012

Today we started our day with the PYP Assembly by the students of Grade 3 C. In UOI the students framed the definition of energy individually and later they shared it to the class. Then a class definition was made of “Energy” by the students. Next the students wrote their understanding – “Why do we [...]

Grade 3B- 31st July, 2012

Today we had special assembly on Rakshabandhan which was presented by the students of Gr 3C. In the assembly the PYP Student Council members were declared and wished the best for the year. We enjoyed working with clay in pottery class. In Drama, we made our own stories and presented. We went to music class. [...]

Updates in Gr-2A – 31-07-12

Our day started with the assembly by the students of Grade – 3C, followed by PSP. In the homeroom the students wrote their understanding on ‘what is celebration’ and wrote their own definition for the same. In Language they had a learning engagement on ‘describing words’ using ‘round robin’ strategy. In the Vocal Music class [...]

Grade PP 2 A- 31st July, 2012

Our day began with circle time where the students shared about their favorite animal in one or two sentences. In our library session the students browsed through different picture books and read aloud. In UOI  the  students did their summative task. We revised the letter of the alphabet ”Oo” and listed the words related to it. [...]

Grade 3 C- 31st July, 2012- Today’s Happenings

The day started with an assembly presented by the students of Grade 3C followed by the PSP class. In the homeroom the students were shown a movie on “Gulliver Travel’s” and also read a book on the same as part of their provocation to the unit – Exploration. Later in homeroom students wrote – 3 [...]

Grade 1 A- 31st July, 2012

Our day started with the assembly by  the students of grade 3 “C” where the students spoke the significance of “Raksha Bandhan” In TD the students discussed materials and introduced the concept of describing words. In Math the students did few exercises in the Pyramid book. The students went to PSP Class. In ICT class [...]

Grade PP2 B- 31st July, 2012

The day started with the circle time. The students played a game of ‘Passing the Ball’ with the alphabet ball. They identified a letter, say the sound of that letter and come up with words beginning with that letter. In the Home Room, the letter ‘N’ was also introduced and the students came up with [...]

Grade Nursery- 31st July, 2012

We began our day playing in the sand pit and later in our circle time we discussed the IB learner profile “Thinker”. The students shared how they help their father at home. In our Transdisciplinary Language we revised the letter ‘c’ along with its phonic sound, pictures related to the letter, and also did sand [...]

Today @ PP1- 31/7/2012

Today our day started with the circle time, where time we shared – why we need to eat fruits and why junk food is not good for us. We also shared the attributes of IB learner profile. We did a work sheet on the letter Uu , traced the letter with different colours(Rainbow tracing) and [...]

Grade 5A Update 30th July 2012

We started our day with the assembly conducted by the students of Grade 4C. In the homeroom, the students finished their reflection sheet for the first unit of inquiry “The earth’s physical geography has an impact on human interactions and settlements.” Today, we also had provocation for our 2nd unit of inquiry “Energy may be [...]

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