The Primary section of SNIS is an authorized school for PYP (Primary Years Programme) of International Baccalaureate (IB), which focuses on the development of the whole child, both in the classroom and in the world outside.

Grade 1A- 30th August, 2012

We started our day with an assembly by the students of grade 3 C. In Math the students did Expanded Form and Place values in their note books. In Language the students did ch /sh/th patterns in the Nelson book. In UOI the students did compilation of research work and presented the same to the peer group [...]

Grade 1B- 30th August, 2012

Our day started with the assembly by the students of Grade 3 C. In UOI the students complied their research work and did 1st formative assessment where they presented their work with their group members. In the French class the students did colouring on the greetings. In the Spanish class the students did alphabet ‘E’, words beginning [...]

Grade 2B update – 30/8/12

Our day started with the assembly conducted by the students of Grade-3A. In the circle time, we discussed the importance of portfolio and made essential agreements.  In the home room the students had an interactive session with the resource persons-students of senior school on different festivals, reason for celebrating and the traditions and customs related [...]

Happenings Grade 3 A, 30th August 2012

We started our day with the assembly presentation by the students of Grade 3 C. In UOI the students compared previous explorer with the new explorers. They did the timeline. In TD Math we did conversion from meter to centimeters in the notebook. In Dance class- The students practiced Rabindra sangeet dance”Amra natun joubaner e dut” ( slow beats) In Additional [...]

Grade 4B- 30th August, 2012

The day began with the morning assembly presented by the students of grade 3 C,   followed by the PSP session. In the homerooms we began our day with a discussion on ‘How the earth is changing?’ The students gave various examples to show how the earth is changing. Later we also discussed on the question [...]

Grade 3C-Today’s Happenings- 30th August, 2012

The day started with an assembly presented by the students of grade 3 C. In the homeroom the students had a discussion on different explorers and the tools they used. Later the students did few sums on distances. The students wrote essential agreements for their portfolio. Music Instrument- piano—The students were given Mozart’s biography. Later [...]

Grade 5B Update-30th August 2012

We began our day with the assembly by the students of Grade 3C. The students had their swimming trials thereafter. In our homeroom, the students began with their second formative assessment task, wherein the students made 2D/3D model, chart or ppt to show transformation of energy. Additional Language Hindi: The students read a story titled, [...]

Nursery- 30th August, 2012

Today we began our day with the ICT class where the students did colouring in Tux paint. In our home room we revised the letter ‘p’ along with its phonic sounds and words related to it and did a learning engagement colour the picture of ‘Panda’. In our art class the students did hand print [...]

Grade PP 2B- 30th August, 2012

The day started with the circle time, where we discussed the Portfolio and the essential agreements for the same. The drama session started with controlled activity. The students were asked to imagine themselves as yummy sweets in a Candy Store, who come alive in the dark and freeze in the light. Then they had Speech [...]

Grade PP 2 A- 30th August, 2012

Our day began with reading the Pledge and discussed about the Portfolio and its essential agreements. The students practiced the song ”It’s a small world…” for teachers’ day celebration. In the UOI we did a mind map on ”The changes on human” where the students connected to themselves, brothers, sister, parents and grandparents and reflected [...]

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