The Primary section of SNIS is an authorized school for PYP (Primary Years Programme) of International Baccalaureate (IB), which focuses on the development of the whole child, both in the classroom and in the world outside.

Grade 2A- 28th March, 2014

Our day started with the assembly by the students of grade 3B.In the home room the students read stories, reflected and wrote book reviews. Later they discussed how to maintain balance between rights and responsibilities while interacting with natural habitat. In Language the students had learning engagement on singular and plural. In Math the students [...]

Grade PP1 28 – 3 – 14

Today in our circle time, prayer was followed by reading story “Cat in the pain”. We identify numbers using flash cards. We revised counting by 5, and 10 orally and did snowball activity where the students picked any one letter of the alphabet, said the phonic sound and the word starting with it. Later we [...]

Happenings, Grade 3 A, 28th March 2014

We started our day with our class assembly presentation. We went to the Shilparamam for the field trip. The students saw the static images . Later they discussed in the class about the images that they saw  and wrote reflection sheet. The students went to the Additional Language. Note – Mental Math worksheet and Synonym [...]

Grade 2B- 28th March, 2014

Today we started our day with  assembly presentation by the students of grade 3A. In homeroom, we started our day with circle time and had a discussion on Earth hour. Later the students revised the concept of half and quarter by completing worksheets. In Language ,they revised the concept of homophones and completed few pages [...]

Grade PP2 28 – 3 – 14

Today in our circle time, pledge was followed by practice for the Graduation day and discussed the Ugadi festival. In the art session the students completed the previous week craft work – (Tortoise with leaf bowl). In UOI “Artifacts” the resource person Ms. Joshna shared the artifacts (Silk langha, lantern, and the game vanagapetta -all [...]

Grade Nursery- 28th March, 2014

We started our day with circle time where we said prayer and after that the students went through different pictures books. Later they shared their understanding about the same. We went to PE class where the students did warming up followed by summative assessment. Later they enjoyed swimming in the baby pool.The students actively participated [...]

Grade 1B,27th,March,2014

We started our day with an assembly presentation by the students of Grade 3B. In UOI: The students had a discussion on the word “Impact”. They were given few classroom situations, where they had to express their viewpoints on “Impact “ of the same. In Language: 1. Spelling assessment. 2. On line games on Homophone. 3. [...]

Grade 4B- 26.3.14

Today we started our day with Morning assembly by the students of grade 4A. UOI: The students presented their research work on different biomes through PPT`S and charts.  Later they were given with a learning engagement in which after looking at a given image they had to take a snap and register it in their [...]

Grade 4B- 27.3.14

Today we started our day with the morning assembly by the students of Grade 3B. UOI : As  a follow up of yesterday`s work, the students made a list of the organizational levels followed by a discussion and later arrived at the word food chain which was a  common element in all the ecosystems. Then [...]

Grade 5A- 27rth March, 2014

The day started with the PSP session.  Thereafter the students went for the Additional Language session. French: Common greetings and phrases Spanish: Revision of telling the time in Spanish, gender, number, person, adjectives and present tense. Home Room: The third formative assessment was taken. The students were shown a poster and they had to write [...]

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