The Primary section of SNIS is an authorized school for PYP (Primary Years Programme) of International Baccalaureate (IB), which focuses on the development of the whole child, both in the classroom and in the world outside.

MOTHER TONGUE 28-08-2014

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Grade PP2 -28-8-14

Today in our circle time, we discussed what to wear during the rainy season. The students shared information about their favorite chocolates they like eat. We discussed “Ganesh Chathurthi” celebration. In the drama session the students played the “frozen game and imitation game”. In our second UOI “Public spaces” the students observed different physical public places [...]

Grade Nursery- 28th August, 2014

We began our day by watching Nursery Rhymes.In our circle time we said a prayer and played  “Musical chair”. Later we recited action rhymes on numbers.In our UOI we did a pictograph on “I like to do”. We revised letter ‘Tt’ along with the phonic sound and the pictures related to the letter.In the Library [...]

Jose de Sanmartin’s struggle for the freedom of Argentina

Grade 1B, 27 th August, 2014

We started our day with the sports assembly. In homeroom: The students read news paper. A story was narrated followed by a discussion on their understanding of the story. The students came up with the word “Behaviour”. The students picked up things made up of different materials in the classroom. They were given a tub of [...]

Grade 4A- 27th August, 2014

We started our day with sports assembly followed by PSP. We started our homeroom with the circle time where the students discussed about the writer “Roald Dahl”. They discussed the “International Dot Day”. Later they revisited the attitudes “creativity” and shared their views / ideas on how they are going to merge “Roald Dahl’s birthday [...]

Grade 5B- 27th August 2014

The students continued their research work and during the discussion cleared that supply and demand are  interdependent. Depending up on the demand of  the goods, products will be supplied or may have a shortage of supply as the product is not in demand.  As the discussion continued the students shared that  supply and demand may be high or low [...]

Grade 4C- 27th August, 2014

We started our day with the sports assembly followed by PSP. The students read the newspaper and discussed the news.They later shared their understanding on appearance and behaviour  and after discussion showed the same in the form of a mind map .The students  made a common definition of appearance.They  discussed adjectives (TD Language) .They wrote [...]


. Glimpses


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