The Primary section of SNIS is an authorized school for PYP (Primary Years Programme) of International Baccalaureate (IB), which focuses on the development of the whole child, both in the classroom and in the world outside.


. Glimpses

Grade 5 B- 26th February, 2015

The day started with the class assembly. The students had an educational trip to (PYP exhibition) Oakridge International school and later worked for ISD. Spanish-The students enjoyed doing the “word search puzzle for “La escuela” and finished it in the given time. French- Discussed how to say time in different ways in French and the [...]

Grade 2 B- 26th February, 2015

Our day started with assembly conducted by students of grade 5 B. In the homeroom, the students shared their understanding of creating and inventing. Later they found the meaning and framed their own definition for creating and inventing. The students further discussed what helps people to create or invent things. They came out with the word [...]

Grade 2 B – 25th February, 2015

Our day started with the sport assembly followed by Additional Language. In the ICT class, the students had a learning engagement on typing and formatting  sentences by following the given instructions. In the circle time, the students read books and shared with their peers. We started our new unit of inquiry with provocation, where the students were given [...]

Grade 5 C- 25th February, 2015

The day started with the sports assembly. In the homeroom, the students designed the criteria for the rubric and completed the second formative assessment. Students prepared for the International Students Day. Regards, Hafsa and Lakshmi

Grade 1 B, 25 th February, 2015

We started our day with the sports assembly. In UOI- The students worked on ISD. They had their 2nd formative assessment “The impact of people’s choices on the environment”. They read the passage on pollution in groups and presented their understanding on the same. Additional language: Hindi: Today the students did reading practice of three [...]

Grade 4 B- 25th February, 2015

Today we started our day with sports assembly followed by breakfast. During the day, we continued the discussion about cause and effects – due to human interaction with the environment. Later we watched a video on Eutrophication and later the students wrote about the same. We then practiced/ worked for ISD. Youtube Link: Additional Language French: Learning how [...]

Grade 2 A- 25th February, 2015

Today we started our day with sports assembly. In homeroom, we started our day with circle time where the students shared the story they read. Later they went for music vocal class.  We started our sixth unit of inquiry with provocation in which students were given few things and asked to use them. Using them, [...]

Grade PP 2 – 25 – 2 -15

Today after breakfast in the circle time, the students browsed through the books related to the unit and  later discussed human impact on natural habitat. In music class, they sang song like when give happiness, Brown girl in the rain. We discussed the country- Cameroon in details with the help of charts. We read the [...]

Grade 4A- 24th February, 2015

We started with an assembly conducted by the students of Grade 5 C. We began our homeroom with the word of the day “causation”. During the circle time we discussed what we learn and how dom we know what we have learnt. In UOI, the students reflected back on the guest session by Mrs.Shigee and [...]

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