The Primary section of SNIS is an authorized school for PYP (Primary Years Programme) of International Baccalaureate (IB), which focuses on the development of the whole child, both in the classroom and in the world outside.

Grade 3 A- 30th November, 2015

The morning assembly was conducted by the students of Grade 5B. In homeroom we had circle time, compound words and synonyms (Revision).Homework given. Telugu: Students recollected definition of ‘Kriya’. They reflected yesterday’s work. They identified action words in the sentences given. They read the given paragraph. The teacher narrated the story from Panchatantra  :Kukka Nakka. They heard [...]

Grade 3 B- 30th November, 2015

The day started with an assembly presentation. In home room the students  were given words from the units done as  a revisit  for  spelling assessment. Later they further revisited paragraph writing and wrote a paragraph on ‘ My favorite festival’ Students had their annual day rehearsal. Regards, Vinodhini

Grade 2 B : 30/11/15

Our day started with assembly conducted by the students of grade 5 B. The students had Annual day practice. In circle time the students read the story of their choice and later shared with their peers. In the home room the students had spelling assessment followed by a learning engagement on Calendar and multiplications. Additional [...]

Grade 1 A- 30th November, 2015

Today we started our day with an assembly by the students of  grade 5B  followed by annual day practice. In homeroom, the students started with circle time and we discussed about the annual day practice, schedule and its importance. In UOI, Nishikha brought picture of the event she participated in and shared about the same with peers. [...]


Grade PP 1 B- 30th November, 2015

We began our day with circle time where we said prayer and Ishaan and Ayatsa shared a story ‘My name is Cheese head and  Indigo jackal’. Later the students had dance practice for annual day. In UOI we read “Our sand castle” and discussed the same. We had a learning engagement on the same (begging sound) [...]

Grade PP 2 A- 30th November, 2015

Our day started with prayer and the students shared their week end reflections. The story ” Bubbles the artist” book brought by Goutam was read to the students and while reading  they connected to the visual art form.  Aayushi brought a dandiya sticks and shared about it in details.While discussing about dandiya sticks they connected [...]

PICS@Grade PP 1B

Grade 1 C- 26th November, 2015

The day started by assembly presented by the students of Grade 1A. During the circle time the students shared their thoughts on how can they improve on their dance performance. They shared pictures brought from home about the events they participated in and spoke about the same. We practiced addition through manipulative and then solved [...]

Grade 1 A- 26th November, 2015

Today we started the day with our assembly presentation. In homeroom, the students explained their understanding of the word ‘ event’. During the discussion, we made connection with the time and calendar. We  looked at the school calendar and various events which are marked in that. We understood that time is measured using day, months, [...]

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