The Primary section of SNIS is an authorized school for PYP (Primary Years Programme) of International Baccalaureate (IB), which focuses on the development of the whole child, both in the classroom and in the world outside.


Grade 2 B : 28/01/16

Our day started with the assembly. In the homeroom the students watched news for hearing impaired. Later they discussed how communication system works for deaf and dumb people. Later they had a learning engagement on coding and decoding where the students discussed that various signs, patterns of numbers, colours ,alphabet are used for code language. [...]

Grade 2 A- 28th January, 2016

We started our day an assembly presentation, followed by breakfast. During circle time we had a discussion about personal hygiene and ways to keep ourselves clean. In UOI, the students watched the story of Helen Keller, Later they had a discussion and shared their understanding. During the discussion on special way of learning for blind [...]

Grade 1 A- 28th January, 2016

Today we started our day with assembly. In homeroom, we started our day with mental Math.  In UOI, we discussed the summative assessment and made the criteria for rubric. We revisited the concept of Money and used reference book to practice few sums based on rupees and coins. We revisited the concept of recipe writing [...]

Grade 4 B- 28th January, 2016

Today we started our day with sports certification presentation followed by breakfast. During the day, the students did mental Math followed by a learning engagement on complementary and supplementary angles. They watched a PPT to know what is archaeology, their terms and specialties, do’s and dont ‘s of an archaeologists. The students watched videos related to [...]

Grade 4 A- 28th January, 2016

We started our day with the assembly followed by breakfast. We started our homeroom with the word of the day “Excavation” followed by the mental Math. Students had a learning engagement on angles. In UOI, the students watched a ppt on “Archaeologist and how do they find the site”. Later they shared their reflections about [...]

Grade 1 C- 28th January, 2016

The day started with the sports assembly. During the circle time we saw a video about the Republic day parade and discussed about the same. This was taken further by creating a time line of the Republic day celebration in school. The concept of money was further discussed. Students were introduced to the symbol used [...]

Grade PP 2 B- 28th January, 2016

We started our day with an activity with the words flash cards where the students had to pick up a card and read the word and match it with the object, followed by circle time where we did calendar and days of the week. We read a book “Danny and the Dinosaur Go to Camp”. [...]

Nursery- 28.1.16

We started our day with PE class where the students did warming up on the football field  and other activities like walking in the line. They did exercises and with the football did kicking,throwing, kick the ball in the goal post, throw the ball in the goal post, collecting the markers and rely race with the marker (passing the [...]

Grade PP1B (28-1-16)

Our day started with circle time, where the students heard the story “The games I like to play” followed by a discussion about Switzerland. They watched a ppt related to the same as a preparation for International students day. In UOI, the students had a discussion on the summative task and also discussed the criteria [...]

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