Donation of Sports Shoes to village school children by students of Sreenidhi being the part of Children’s Day Celebrations

The students of IBDP, Sreenidhi International School donated Sports shoes to village school children on the 18th, November, 2017 during Children’s Day celebrations.

Students of organized a  “Block Party” to raise funds for the purchase of sports shoes intended for the  donation / distribution to the village students who could therefore use them to run and participate enthusiastically and confidently in their forthcoming sports meet that was to be held on 25 Nov 2018, at the campus of Sreenidhi school. These shoes were presented to around 120 village students who are attending regular Saturday activity session that happens on the campus and one of such activities is Sports & Games. These students will take part in KMRF-Annual Sports Meet, 2017 on 25th November would be held on the campus of Sreenidhi International School.

The shoes were distributed on the same day as the children’s day was being celebrated. It was all a surprise for the village students. Little did they know that they would get to do sports wearing brand new Puma shoes on their Sports Meet. The whole experience was very encouraging for the village students and they were very excited to receive the surprise.

The HOS, Mr Bruce W Ferguson, the KMRF Administrator Ms Vasantha Srinivasan  and the student volunteers present from IBDP and MYP distributed the shoes among the village students at the end of the event.

All in all it was a day planned with full of surprises and presents by the SNIS students for the village students of Aziznagar.  It was very soothing to see the smiles on their faces.

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Sports Day –Drill-Practice session with village students in the village school

All the students around 105 who are going to participate in various drill display have been engaged in practice session. This practice has been happening for a week prior to Annual Sports Day in Sreenidhi which is scheduled to happen on the 16th, December, 2017.

The SNSA (Sreenidhi Sports Academy) staff members  are helping the students learn well through repeated practice exercises. There are 4-different drill has been planned for the 105-participating students dividing them into groups. They are going to display the following on the day.

(a)    Surya Namaskar

(b)   Umbrella drill

(c)    Ball exercise

(d)   Hula-hoop

All the students will be distributed with Sports Uniform, shoes and   T-shirts of different colour as per their exercise that they are going to display on the day. They will wear Green, Blue, red and yellow      T-shirts for the various drill display.

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EYE-Camp in Aziznagar Village on 23 November 2017

In collaboration with Rotary Club, Hyderabad and in association with Sadhuram Eye Hospital, Domalguda, Hyderabad ,  the KMR Foundation will be organizing and conducting  an Eye Camp  on the  23rd November, 2017 in  Aziznagar village, Moinabad Mandal, R.R.Dt. Hyderabad.

Around 200 adults of age 40 and above from Aziznagar and surrounding villages attended by a team of doctors (Ophthalmologists) technicians and nursing assistants. The Aziznagar village students who have some eye / vision problem were also brought for the Eye-camp—motivated and informed by the KMRF-team.

The advised / diagnosed cases for cataract surgery were taken to Sadhuram Eye hospital on the same day for admission and operated on the next day after completing the required tests and ensuring that they are fit for surgery.

They were dropped back home after the surgery the next day.  The KMRF team took the operated villagers from Aziznagar for a review check up to the hospital and brought them back home that ensured that all the patients are recovering better with good vision for which they were operated for cataract.

It will not be an exaggeration in admitting the fact that the KMRF—team took a task of convincing each and every affected case and advised for cataract to take up the surgery as most of them did not have people to go with them or to give any moral support. As they being senior citizens and aged were in need of regular persistent motivation for encouragement and make them feel easy without any fear or hesitation.

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Exhibition of Dhiyas for sale at the SIS Campus—

The exhibition of  Dhiyas was held on the 14th October, 2107  for sale at the campus of  Sreenidhi International School on the International Day Celebrations .

A painting galore was at the SIS-campus on the 7th October 16, 2017 (Saturday).  Around 100 children from Aziznagar village schools participated in this exciting activity “Painting of Dhiyas” assisted and guided by students’ volunteers.  It was indeed an amazing sight to see all  Dhiyas  in bright colours   with pretty design on them .

This is again a collaborative program between KMRF and SIS.  The village students have been engaged    in Language instruction, Sports & games and art & craft activities on Saturdays. These activities happen for 3-Saturdays every month.

The proceeds go to the foundation to be spent for the village school children.

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KMRF—SNSA—a collaborative –program— Practice session before Sports day –participation of village school students—

The village students from Aziznagar primary and high school of grade 5 & 6 , around 120 students  attend  Saturday  activity session for  3 Saturdays every month. They are Language instruction, art & craft activity and games at the campus of Sreenidhi International  School. This academic year we started with the above sess July, 2017.

KMRF conducts “Sports Meet” for the above students in the month of November every year. This academic year 2017-18 it has been planned on the 25th, November, 2017. The students are exposed and engaged in the training of certain track and field events before the sports day.

The students are also trained for the mass drill display/ aerobics that will happen on the sports day of Sreenidhi International school which falls on the 16th of December, 2017.

The practice session with the village school children for the sports events and drill practice is held regularly  at the campus before the sports day.

On the 7th October, 2017, the SNSA-Team took charge and engaged the students in different exercise as per the theme that they have planned for the sports day. Students were divided into 4 groups and were trained for (a) Surya Namaskar (b) Umbrella drill (c) hoola-hoops (d) mass-drill.

The session took place for one hour and 45 minutes. The students were give snacks & drinks at the end of the session. Following week they will continue with the practice in addition with the training in track and field events that they are going to participate in the heeds before the KMRF-Sports meet.

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Dhiya-painting –by village school children – a collaborative program Painting gala at the Sreenidhi campus–

The painting of Dhiyas before Diwali is the event that village children actively participate every year and enjoy doing it.

Around 600 dhiyas were painted with colourful designs by 85 students of grade 4 & 5 from Aziznagar Primary schools. This event was coordinated and conducted by Ms. Meenakshi, Asst. student / college Counselor with the help of volunteers from Srinidhi International School.

At the end of this activity they were given snacks and drinks.

These dhiyas along with greeting cards and book-marks that they had made will be displayed for exhibition & sale in the campus of Sreenidhi International School.

The proceeds go to foundation to be spent for them.

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English Language program in the village schools – by KMRF

KMRF-team member, Ms. Yamini is helping the Aziznagar village school with the English language–learning skill. Though the Govt. schools have English– as second language and they learn from grade -1-, the children are not able to read, write and understand simple form of English.

Hence at the request of the respective school headmasters the KMRF appointed member teaches English to grade 4 & 5 children of Aziznagar village schools.

The students are exposed to activity oriented learning that helps enhance their skills.

The students of 2-primary schools in Aziznagar get help 2 days in a week with

  • Teaching of English engaging them in activity with the help of worksheets
  • Reading and writing skills
  • Story telling session
  • Building blocks, flash cards, charts puzzles etc
  • OLPC—program –learning activity
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The  Project -TETRA-(BP & Diabetes—testing—diagnosis— Doctor’s consultation through Skype-—treatment- enabled by “Tablet”– has been initiated in December, 2016 choosing the village Kasimbowli for the pilot project of 650 population, 459 adults were targeted for the screening.

Initiated in Kasimbowli village of Moinabad Mandal, Hyderabad, Telangana

  • for population 645
  • targeting 459-adults of age 20+
  • Begun  in the month of December, 2016.
  • And continues……….

Click here to know more about the Project.

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Ongoing project under healthcare program

Immunization Program & TETRA—Project

The Immunization program that has been started from June, 2008 is an ongoing program with KMR Foundation with the aim of targeting infant and children up to 18 months old through a comprehensive healthcare system and with the help of a software program developed.

The data software has the data of entire village to monitor and maintain 100% immunization of every child that was born. We  collaborate with the primary health centres of villages in Moinabad Mandal with the “ alert report” showing the data of default and delayed cases in immunization of villages.

The foundation has thus adopted 37 villages in Moinabad Mandal for this program and developed data for the each and every village. The mapping of villages under GIS-has also been done for the 37 villages that enables to track the location of the houses for default cases. KMRF-healthcare team engages regularly in motivation of the parents of default cases just before the active immunization day or on the day of immunization to take the children to the health centre for vaccination. Sometime the team takes them by KMRF-transport to rach the health centre in case they live far away from the health centre.

A 100% immunization goal

Our area of focus covers health care of children and expectant mothers through a comprehensive healthcare system to

  • Enable 100% immunization of all village children.
  • Collaborate with Primary health centres for vaccination on due dates.
  • Visit village homes and motivate parents to maintain the due dates of immunization.
  • Monitor expectant mothers from the fifth month of pregnancy till the first month after delivery through village Anganwadi workers.
  • Promote institutional deliveries rather than home deliveries to reduce infant mortality by constant education and encouragement.
  • Report to hospitals for referral services, expert advice and treatment.

Immunization update.

The KMR team works with individual villagers for immunization of children on due dates.

After initialization of our program in Aziznagar village in 2008, our program has been expanded in phases to cover other villages in the region. In the first phase we covered 10 villages.

The expansion program that we embarked in 2010 to cover all 38 villages in Moinabad Mandal has been completed with software update of data by 2013.

In partnership with Government health centres and with persistent effort and commitment on our end we were able to reach our set goal of achieving 100% immunization in every village.


A data survey program is conducted every six months to keep abreast of any new information like new birth, new marriage, addition in family and change of house and immigrants details in addition to routine visit of defaulters for motivation, update of data on immunization, antenatal and delivery information. The entire village data update with data survey program is also a routine work undertaken by the KMRF team.

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Health-Camp in Surangal ( Moinabad Mandal) Village

In collaboration with V.R.K. Medical & Research Institute for Women & Hospital, Aziznagar, Hyderabad, the KMR Foundation  organized and conducted a general health camp on the 24th August, 2017 in Surangal village, Moinabad Mandal, R.R.Dt, Telangana.

Around 100 adults & 50 children from Surangal and surrounding villages were attended by a team of 20 members from the hospital comprising of General Physician, Dentists, Ophthalmologists, technicians, Pharmacists and nursing assistants.

A group of students (Doctors) around 10 of them doing internship also  attended  the camp.

The problem or advised / diagnosed cases for general health  and Cataract have been referred to V.R.K. Hospital  for further treatment .

Essential medicines, eye drop and vitamins were also provided to them on the camp day as per requirement.

Venue                 :  Panchayat office,  Surangal

Date                    : 24/08/2017

Time                   : 10 am to 2 pm.

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