KMRF & SNSA – Collaborative program 2017-18 Games for Aziznagar village schools’ students on the Sreenidhi campus.

KMRF – Saturday program, collaborating with Sreenidhi Sports Academy kick started  today 22nd, July, 2017. The village school students from Aziznagar primary schools, 5th graders and 6th graders from high school  around 110 gathered in the sports complex of SIS. The session started  with Mr. Shiv.K. Sen   ( Director, SNSA )introducing the sports academy staff and  Ms. Meenakshi,  ACC (Asst.College Counselor, SIS) to the village school students.

Mr. Shiv spoke to the students and explained how the future sessions going to be and how they  all will  be trained for the track and field events to be held on the KMRF-Sports Meet, 25th, November, 2017.

While Mr. Shiv was motivating them for their active participation that would make them physically fit, he also found their interest in playing football and basketball. He encouraged them saying that all the students would be divided into groups and each group will be trained for the upcoming athletic events besides Mass Drill practice which would happen on the Sports Day of Sreenidhi International School  on the 16th of December, 2017. He also assured that they will be coached for the games that they are interested in learning like football & basketball.

The students were taken to the play field by the academy staff and KMRF-team.  Also were present the students who have come to take the internship from Gwalior.

The village students thoroughly enjoyed the session that started with warm up exercise followed by some running practice and fun games. It has been a fun-filled, satisfying event as far as the village students concerned as they always look forward to such time visiting the campus of Sreenidhi on Saturdays.

All the students dispersed after having some snacks & drinks around 12 noon. They were dropped back to the their schools by Sreenidhi transport.

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KMRF-Annual Donation of Notebooks to adopted village primary schools- for The academic year 2017 -18 on 21st & 22nd of June, 2017.

KMRF, being its one of the regular annual activities–the annual donation of notebooks for the academic year 2016-17, distributed notebooks to adopted village primary schools. We  distributed the notebooks on the 21st & 22nd of June, 2017  a week after the village schools reopend for the new academic year 2017 -18  after their vacation.

The 2-primary schools in Aziznagar and 5  other village schools as noted below received their notebooks on 21st June, 2017.

Aziznagar 2-primary schools received their books on 21st, June, 2017

C.P.S.A.N : 179 STUDENTS, H.W.S, A.N: 63 students

Total students: 242 students in both the schools respectively.

Total Notebooks supplied: 2331

Nagireddyguda primary school got their books on the 21st June, 2017—

Total students- 82

Total notebooks supplied-808

Bakaram school got for

Total students- 84

Total Notebooks supplied-672

Yenkapally school got for

Total students-96

Total Notebooks supplied-870

Jeevanguda  school got for

Total students-51

Total Notebooks supplied-418

Murthuzaguda got for

Total students-87

Total Notebooks supplied-740

Around 5839 notebooks to 642 students were distributed.

The respective primary schools from grade 1 to 5 were distributed as per the school requirement of different type of notebooks ranging from square ruled, double ruled, single ruled, one-sided and Math. We also have supplied 4-rule notebooks to all grades to help them learn and improve English language writing skills.

KMRF appointed staff is helping the Aziznagar Primary schools, grade 4 & 5.

The KMRF-Staff took care of subsequent distribution of notebooks to the absentees.

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KMRF-SUMMER CAMP, 2017 – COMPUTER LITERACY. Valedictory Function & Certificate award ceremony @ CLC-Aziznagar on 23rd May, 2017.

A valedictory function has been organized and Course Completion Certificates were awarded to the participants of Summer Camp-17-on Computer Literacy on the23rd May, 2017  at the Computer Learning Centre, Aziznagar.

Among the 53 registered 47 of them successfully completed the course.  There were students from 10th grade who appeared for board exams, already 10th grade passed, intermediate and Diploma course students from in and around Aziznagar village who attended the course during this summer vacation received their certificates. The course was conducted for 40 days.

Ms.Yamini, the instructor welcomed the  guest of  honour Mrs. Manga Ramulu, Sarpanch Aziznagar village and the students gathered for the ceremony.  Some of the students came forward to share their learning experience. It was heartening to know from them that they never visited and handled the computer in the school even though they have a computer lab in the school and added that they do not have a teacher to help them with the skills. They expressed their gratitude and happiness as they could learn with freedom and in slow pace to be able to learn all the modules without much difficulty. They were indeed thankful to the foundation for the facility opportunity that they could avail without any need to travel far and go out of the village.

A few students demonstrated what they had learnt on each module and how it is useful to store data on Excel and also displayed Power Point presentation. They thanked Anjaneyulu & Yamini, the instructors for their patience in teaching and explaining and more for their willingness to clear their doubts any number of times. They also thanked for their support and encouragement that helped them enjoy their learning.

Every one of them expressed their heartfelt thanks to  KMR Foundation for giving them such a wonderful opportunity which otherwise is not that easily possible for them.

Mrs. Vasantha Srinivasan,  administrator KMRF joined the village Sarpanch in awarding  the certificates to participants. She thanked the instructors Mr. Anjaneyulu  and Ms. Yamini for conducting the course  and helping the students understand easily with their local language Telugu. She also appreciated all the students for their active participation and enthusiasm in learning without being absent and being punctual.    Mr. Anjaneyulu thanked all the students for their keen interest in learning and other department who helped with the course program and valedictory function.

On behalf of KMRF, he also thanked Chairman Dr. K.T. Mahhe,  founding member of KMRF and Mrs. Ssarithha Katikaneni , E.D, Sreenidhi International School for their constant support and encouragement for helping the village community in every possible way.

All the students were provided with snacks and drinks. The program concluded with a group photograph.

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KMRF -Summer Camp – 2017, Computer Literacy Program. At Computer Learning Centre, Aziznagar Village.

The Annual Summer Camp has been a routine activity being held since 2009 during summer months. Since KMRF has a Computer Learning Centre set up in February, 2014 in the centre of Aziznagar village to be able to cater to students from and around the village for both male & female students.

The course is aimed to familiarize them with basic functions of computers and the modules such as Office-package, excel, PowerPoint, accessing internet will be covered.

This year 2016-17, around 53 students from Aziznagsr and surrounding villages have been registered for the Basic Computer Course. They are  from  Yenkapalli, Kethireddypally, Nagireddyguda, Kalimandir, Chilkur, Medidipally, Appareddyguda  and Moinabad. Among students joined for the course are mostly 10th grade appeared in addition to intermediate course students of  1st & 2nd year completed .

The foundation also conducts regular Computer lessons at the Computer Lab for the students of grade 7 & 8 throughout the academic year covering the above modules. They attend class twice a week. The 10th graders being the board exam batch could not spend time at the lab as they are busy preparing other subjects as per curriculum. Hence the 10th graders from the Govt School take this summer course.

The course program has been designed in such a way that students will take the session with practice for 3 to 4 weeks from April 5th to 20th May, 2017. They are being tutored and trained by 2 instructors. The students get worksheets for the topics covered and will be tested for their understanding and skills.

A valedictory function has been organized at the end of the course and course completion certificates awarded to the students.

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KMRF & SIS—COLLABORATIVE PROGRAM: Art &Craft Session with the village students—an exciting event that children enjoyed the most.

The  Aziznagar village primary school (H.W.S.)students  of grade 4 & 5 were engaged in Art & Craft activity in the village school itself by art faculty of Sreenidhi International School until last academic year.

This academic year from July, 2017 the 5th graders of two primary school and the 6th graders of Zilla Parishath High school around 110 students are regularly visiting to Sreenidhi school campus for 2 –hours 10/15am to 12/15 noon.  The purpose of bringing village school children to the Sreenidhi campus and engage them in curricular and co-curricular activities that would help them improve their skills & talent. Such opportunity they do not get in their school. They are engaged in sports & games, English language instruction, Math skill and Chess. The art & Craft session had also been one of the areas that has been planned to happen which could not happen.

Hence on the 4th March, 2017 ( first Saturday) the first session with Aziznagar village school students took place with the help of art faculty Mr. Sajeev and sreenidhi students who have volunteered to help.

Aim of this activity is to make the children acquire a skill of making craft piece and to know about culture of Japan.

Highlights of Koinobori: Japanese art & culture.

“Koinobori”, fish windsocks, fish streamers or fish banners, decorate the landscape of Japan from April through early May, in honor of Children’s Day on May 5. In Japanese culture, the fish symbolizes courage and strength because of its ability to swim up a waterfall.

It was indeed a wonderful sight to witness all the village children happily engaged in making the“ flyingFishes”—sticking steamers, eyes and ribbons showing each other  and other sreenidhi students to know whose is the best. The entire village children were assisted by  the Art teacher and the students’ volunteers.

Finally around 105 pieces of those craft work turned out be spectacular and colorful decors. Each one carried their piece while going back home with their snacks that were provided to them.

Thanks to Mr. Sajeev and students’ volunteers for the session who made the village students engaged in altogether a different activity which the children enjoy then most.

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KMRF-TETRA-PROJECT INITIATION @ Kasimbowli village, Moinabad Mandal initiated on 12/12/2016.

(Technology Enabled Health Workers to Deliver Telemedicine to Rural Homes at Affordable Costs (TETRA) Doctor who handles a laptop / tablet for this program to give his advice and prescription)

A– BP apparatus and Glucometer connected to tablet that gives the reading of the villagers who are screened for BP / DIABETES in their village with subsequent reports of their blood work for HbA1C and Creatinine  if they are found with abnormal reading.

The Doctor can view these reports and readings and speaks to the villagers concerned online via SHYPE at their homes in their village. Diagnosed and advised cases are motivated for lifelong treatment, taking of medicine, exercise and eating healthy food.

The prescribed medicine is being supplied to diagnosed cases of BP/SUGAR through

104—A GOVT ORGANIZATION—visits grampanchayats and engage the villagers for testing of BP/SUGAR—with simultaneous verification of KMRF –records–

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Educational trip to Zoo park–Hyderabad by village primary school students – facilitated by KMRF

One of the happiest events that children always look forward!!— a trip to zoo park—            an annual educational trip.

This year on the 11th February, 2017 the students from Central Primary School Aziznagar made a trip to zoo park-Hyderabad being their annual excursion.

KMRF has been facilitating transport and food for such trips for the past 7 years to this primary school. This activity has been one of the activities undertaken by the Foundation under supporting Education to the under privileged.

Two buses were arranged by the Foundation for the trip. Around 85 students and 12 staff members from the village school made this trip.

The day long trip ended by 7pm and it is indeed gratifying to hear from the students & staff how they enjoyed the trip and the food and snacks that the foundation provided.

The headmaster & staff thanked the foundation for the support

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FIESTA – 2016-A Collaborative Program between SNIS & KMRF

The Fiesta—2016—a fund raiser program which has been happening since 2012 in the month of January every year has  been organized and conducted by the Sreenidhi International School Students this year on the  28 January 2017.

The program was aimed at collecting funds to be spent for the developmental programs under literacy and Healthcare in the adopted villages of Moinabad Mandal, R.R.DT, Telangana by the KMR Foundation. The funds will also be utilized to sustain the programs already initiated and implemented like maintaining the Solar Panel provided, provision of additional Computers in the Computer Learning Centre that has already been set up in the year 2014 and maintenance of the Computer Centre in Aziznagar village.

This year specific agenda for the funds to be spent has been

  • Supply of furniture to one Primary School in Aziznagar which has 2 rooms with 70 students from grade 1 to 5 for the students as well teachers.
  • Providing cup-boards and other essential material as requested by the headmasters.
  • Repair and maintenance of Solar panel provided already in the year 2013.
  • Provide furniture to the second school that has 130 students from grade 1 to 5.
  • KMRF-has provided furniture to 2-classes already. The remaining classes will be provided with furniture.
  • Also provision of teaching –aids, activity kits and upgrading Library resources that would help children enhance their learning ability.
  • As a whole to see that the children get quality education.
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Prize Distribution at the village Schools, Aziznagar. Republic Day Celebrations on 26 Jan, 2017.

The Republic Day celebrations at the Basthi School, Aziznagar started with flag hoisting, singing of National Anthem followed by some cultural program

The medals and prizes were awarded to the winners of the sports events conducted at the village school in view of Republic Day, 2017.

KMRF sponsors the prizes every year. This year also like last time the Youth Club of Aziznagar contributed for some Prizes.. At the end of the program KMRF distributed sweets & snacks to all the students.

Similarly the students of Central Primary School, Aziznagar with great zeal and enthusiasm as always performed dances depicting the sacrifice of freedom fighters and great leaders. They wore a fitting costume for the performance and some of them sang patriotic songs of great poets.

They were all happy  and  waiting for such occasions to display their talents in front of a huge audience –their parents and village dignitaries.

KMRF distributed the sponsored Prizes for the winners of the sports events and snacks and sweets for the entire school on the 26th Jan, 2017.

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KMRF- Sports Day—Awarding of Medals & certificates to the winners at the Sreenidhi Campus.

The Annual KMRF-Sports Meet was held on the 17 December, 2017 at the campus of Sreenidhi.

The participants of the sports day were the 5th graders from 2-Primary school and the 6th graders from Zilla Parishath High School, Aziznagar who have been the regular attendees for 3 Saturdays and participating in Sports & Games at the campus of Sreenidhi.

Around 120 students who took part in Long jump, 100 and 200 meters running. The heeds was held in groups grade wise with boys & girls separately. The winners of the events long jump and 200 meters running have been selected. The finalists of 100 meter running took part in the final that was held on the 17th December at the Sreenidhi campus.

Apart from the above track and field events, the 5th graders of 50 in number both boys and girls performed the mass drill designed by the Sports academy of Sreenidhi. The students were trained for the drill exercise for a week in the village school by the sports department.

The students those who participated in the mass drill and the Prize winners were donated with Sports Uniform and Shoes by the Foundation.

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