The Computer Learning Centre set up by the KMRF in collaboration with Sreenidhi  International School  is engaging the village community  from Aziznagar and surrounding villages who are unemployed and sitting at home  both male & female and  keen to learn computer skills. They are getting trained for basic computer skills and handling certain modules like Word, Excel & PowerPoint. They also learn to handle internet and email.

They take this computer course for 40 days. They are being tested for the skills and on what they learnt. The foundation issues the Course Certificate after completion of the course.

The villagers register for this course regularly though not in big numbers but always we see a few are regularly  getting trained at the computer lab in Aziznagar.

This year ( 2020) due to COVID -19 and lock down issues we could not run the computer center from March to September,2020. We came to know due to closure of schools and colleges many students who were attending online classes wanted to give their extra time after attending  online classes in attending the computer course and getting trained in Basic Computer skills that is being offered at free of cost  in the KMRF- Aziznagar  computer learning centre.

In the month of October the high school and college students taking intermediate degree course registered their  names for the computer course that had been planned to commence from November, 2020.

At present 15 girls and 5 boys-  in total 20 students are attending  basic computer course at the KMRF-Computer Centre, Azzinagar.  14 of them have completed grade 10 and      4 students who are doing  Inter 1st year and 1 student who is  in Inter 2nd year. The duration of the course  will be for 3 months due to Covid restrictions which would have been otherwise for 40 to 50 days. They will be attending classes for 6 days in a week that includes theory and well practice session.

The course started on the 7th November and will be completed at the end of January 2021.

In order to follow the COVID –protocols and to maintain social distancing with the instructions to wear face masks all the time in the centre we enabled the students to attend training in batches like

Batch 1: The first batch 6 students are learning from 9.15 to 10.50 am from Monday to Saturday every week. The course started on 19th November and it will be completed at the end of January 2021.

Batch 2: The second batch students 5 of them are attending the course from 10.45 am to 12.10 pm. The course started on 7th November and it will get over in the end of January 2021.

Batch 3: We have 5 students attending their classes from 2 pm to 3.30 pm.

The course started on 7th November and it will be completed at the end of January 2021.

Batch 4: , a The fourth batch students total 4 are attending their classes from 11.30 am to 1 pm.  The course started on 17th December and it will get over the end of January 2021.

The certificate award ceremony will take place on completion of the course and each one who has successfully completed the course will be awarded with a course completion certificate.

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Online –art exhibition on the 25th, April, 2020- Art work of 5th & 6th graders from Aziznagar village school exhibited.

Due to Covid -19 lockdown and as schools were closed the art exhibition was conducted online on the 25th April, 2020 which was scheduled to happen on the school campus,

The art work of village school students that has been done during their visit to campus on Saturdays for the co-curricular activities will be usually displayed in the art exhibition of SIS.

This year they were displayed online for the viewers .

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Health-Camp in Yenkapally village on 12/03/2020

In collaboration with V.R.K. Medical & Research Institute for Women & Hospital, Aziznagar, Hyderabad, the KMR Foundation conducted a General Health Camp                on the 12th (THURSDAY) March, 2020 in YENKAPALLY village, Moinabad Mandal,          R.R.Dt, HYDERABAD.

Around 120 adults & children from Yenkapally and surrounding villages were attended by a team of doctors comprising of General Physician, Dentists, Ophthalmologists, technicians and nursing assistants.

The problem or advised / diagnosed cases were referred to V.R.K. Hospital for further treatment if required.

Essential medicines and vitamins were also provided to them as per requirement.

Venue                 :  Panchayath Office, Yenkapally

Date                    :  12/03/2020 (Thursday)                                                                       

Time                   :  10 am to 1/30 pm.

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The village school students from 5th and 6th graders around 80 have been visiting the campus of Sreenidhi International School for extracurricular activities like language instructions, Sports & games and art & craft session for 3-Saturdays every month. This program usually starts from the 2nd week of August of that academic year after the Sreenidhi students come back to school after summer vacation.

The village school students are engaged in Language Instructions, games and art activities. The volunteers from Sreenidhi International School engage the students in these activities with a plan of schedule guided by their teachers.

This academic year apart from Dhiya painting program in the month of October the village school students had the opportunity for art & craft sessions on the 29th February and 7th March, 2020 on the campus with volunteers of SIS who were helping and guiding them. It was all about colouring the beautiful designs on papers given to children. It was wonderful to see them engaged in their work with more focus. They made beautiful and colourful pictures of animals, scenery, nature and flowers. Students with more skills in art were engaged in creative drawing and painting, taking a theme like Nature, village houses, green fields and roads and beaches.

The art work of these village school 5th & 6th graders including their craft works / work on Origami done during the academic year will be exhibited in the Art Exhibition of SIS to be held on the 25th, April, 2020.

Overall, all the students thoroughly enjoyed the session and were happy to carry the piece with them that they have done.  On completion of their session they dispersed with snacks and drinks. They were provided with transport to attend these activities on Saturday at the campus of Sreenidhi.

The students continued the session in their school in Aziznagar (village primary school) assisted by KMRF-staff subsequently on the 9th & 10th of March, 2020.


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Encouraging the reading skills in children – Reading & Books distribution Program held at the Aziznagar Primary School on 26 February, 2020

The students from the Primary Section of grade 4 & 5 of Sreenidhi International School around 17 with their teachers visited the primary school in Aziznagar to conduct a reading program with the village school children from grade 5 of 40 students on the 26th February, 2020.

 They came with books and manipulative ( learning aids, activity kits, building blocks and flash cards) that help immensely the village school children enjoy learning with ease. It has been a wonderful activity – a reading program and donation of books and manipulative to help the children learn effectively and meaningfully. It was a thoroughly enjoyable moment for the village school children interacting with SIS-Students, a truly learning experience to both of them.

 The best part of it was the kind gesture of the PYP-5th graders (present) in helping the village school with a  donation of wonderful, lovely reading material ( story books and picture books for learning about animals, flowers, vegetables etc) activity kits like building blocks and puzzles, flash cards matching the word, forming a sentence etc) 

 It is truly a big contribution. On behalf of KMR Foundation we conveyed our heartfelt thanks to the SIS-PYP dept and special thanks to Ms. Laurice & Ms. Kahkashan                  ( grade 4 &5 home-room teachers and the students for conducting this program in the village school for the children.

From the PYP 4 Team

 Our hearts are still full from giving and from witnessing the interaction of the children! We haven’t asked our children about how they felt with the whole experience, but I think you would agree that there was a certain kind of satisfaction and joy that reverberated in the bus as we were going back to school.  

 What is most memorable to me is the relationship(s) that have been started because of the reading activity. I am convinced that we should nurture these relationships through consistent interaction with our children. I do hope that this is only the beginning.

 It was such a pleasure spending time with you, the teachers we met and the children. We are so looking forward to working with you in nurturing the new relationships that the children have formed.


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FIESTA-2020 – A fund raiser was held on the 15th February, 2020 at the SIS-Campus.

Fiesta 2020 – “The Show must go On!! FIESTA – 2020 – International Film Festival”.

 The Fiesta was scheduled on 15th February 2020 . The event started on a high note with usual FUN & FROLIC. A lot of fun loving crowd and children from outside were present on the day. It is an annual event  aimed at collection of funds to be spent for the KMRF—adopted  village schools  supporting and enhancing the quality of education as well in the area of health & hygiene of the village community.

 As last year this year too, the KMRF-adopted Aziznagar village Govt. Primary School students were waiting for their time slot for the dance performance a “flash mob”.  The selected 35 students were trained by the SIS-CAS-volunteers at the campus while they came for regular activities on Saturdays.  It was amazing to see the enthusiasm and energy with which they participated and danced. They received a loud applause and cheering from the audience, visitors and parents for their synchronized movements.

They could catch the steps and dance without much practice and that they learnt in a short time. The volunteer –students who trained them led the children in groups and made them perform. They also danced along with them. They exhibited their talents           in a well synchronized way and performed with precision. They were greatly cheered by the audience and asked for repeat performances.

The objective of the Fiesta-19 was to raise funds for schools other than Aziznagar and help them with basic essential facilities like- furniture, fans & lights, minor requirements and repairs for the toilets of the schools.  Likewise one school that was surveyed by the SIS-Students is the primary school in Yenkapalli also to help with the donation of students’ and teachers’ furniture in addition to attend the  complete construction work of  toilet for students –boys and girls separately. It was also decided to consider helping the another primary school in the nearby village in Jeevanguda with the repair works of the toiletand supply of furniture depending on the funds collected and available.

Over all it was an eventful and indeed a successful fundraiser and we wish to keep working with SIS and get help from them to help us support the Aziznagar and surrounding village schools with infra structure facilities and basic essentials through such events and collaborations in future.

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KMRF has been sponsoring prizes for the sports day of village schools (Aziznagar for 2-Primary Schools) every year. Prizes were given on the Republic Day to the winners and all the participants in sports conducted just before the day.

Taking this opportunity and in view of encouraging students  who actively participate and shown improvement in their skills like in English Language and Sports skills  we gave away special prizes to good performers and  regular attendees to school. This has been an annual activity regularly happening since 2008.

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KMRF- Participation in the Annual Sports Day of SIS at Sreenidhi Campus — On 25 Jan 2020.

The Annual Sports Day of Sreenidhi International School, Aziznagar was held on the 25th January, 2020 at the school campus.  Around 35 students of 5th & 6th grade from Aziznagar village school who were the winners of KMRF- Sports Day already held on the campus of Sreenidhi on the 23rd November, 2019 were brought to campus for

  • receiving medals and certificates
  • also to (finalists of 200 meter sprint) participate in the final event.

 Ms. Jwala Gutta was the Chief Guest of the program, an Indian professional badminton player. Beginning in the late 1990s, she represented India at international events in both mixed and women’s doubles.She spoke on the importance of participating and developing skills in sports. At the end of the program he gave away medals and prizes to all the winners and participants of SIS & KMRF students.

Earlier on the 23rd November, 2019  the KMRF- SPORTS MEET – 2019 was held at the campus of Sreenidhi in collaboration with SNSA & SIS – students’ volunteers.  Around 80 students of grade 5 and 6 from Aziznagar primary and high school took part in             100 & 200 meters sprint, 400-relay, long jump, shot-put and caterpillar –race. The participating students were trained on the said areas of track & field events for two-weeks prior to KMRF- Sports Meet to make them familiarize with rules and regulations. Every one of them enthusiastically participated in all the events organized and guided by the SNSA-department on the day.  It was a truly gratifying day to witness the cheers and happiness in village school children.

All the students were distributed with Sports Uniform and T-shirts of different colours. They were also supplied with sports shoes and socks. They used Green, Blue, red and yellow   T-shirts.

All the students took their snack box and drinks at the end of Sports day.

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KMRF-Facilitated – Aziznagar village primary school students’ excursion- An annual field trip to ZOO PARK – HYDERABAD on 21st DECEMBER, 2019.

KMRF—being an annual feature—facilitated the annual excursion to “Zoo Park” in Hyderabad. The primary school students and staff from Aziznagar village around 112 went for this trip from 9/30 am to 5/30 pm.

The foundation facilitated the trip providing transport, lunch, snacks and drinking water.

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The grade 5 and 6 of Aziznagar Primary & high school students around 82 attended the Christmas special assembly on the campus of Sreenidhi International School on the 20th December 2019.

They all came in colour dresses and suitable costume and were in a fitting mood to go on the stage to give their favourite performance—a dance choreographed by the students themselves to a movie -song in Telugu. The audience was thrilled to listen to fast beats and watch them dance cheerfully in a well synchronized with flawless steps. Every one enjoyed their performance and applauded loudly.   It was a pleasant surprise to have had Christmas Santa joined them and danced merrily.

The SIS-Students’ council who were in charge of the assembly and the day’s program thanked them for the spectacular performance and the village school authorities for having permitted them to participate. At the end of the program the SIS-Students gifted each one of them a sweater, a thoughtful gift indeed.


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