KMRF-Facilitated – Aziznagar village primary school students’ excursion- An annual field trip to ZOO PARK – HYDERABAD on 21st DECEMBER, 2019.

KMRF—being an annual feature—facilitated the annual excursion to “Zoo Park” in Hyderabad. The primary school students and staff from Aziznagar village around 112 went for this trip from 9/30 am to 5/30 pm.

The foundation facilitated the trip providing transport, lunch, snacks and drinking water.

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The grade 5 and 6 of Aziznagar Primary & high school students around 82 attended the Christmas special assembly on the campus of Sreenidhi International School on the 20th December 2019.

They all came in colour dresses and suitable costume and were in a fitting mood to go on the stage to give their favourite performance—a dance choreographed by the students themselves to a movie -song in Telugu. The audience was thrilled to listen to fast beats and watch them dance cheerfully in a well synchronized with flawless steps. Every one enjoyed their performance and applauded loudly.   It was a pleasant surprise to have had Christmas Santa joined them and danced merrily.

The SIS-Students’ council who were in charge of the assembly and the day’s program thanked them for the spectacular performance and the village school authorities for having permitted them to participate. At the end of the program the SIS-Students gifted each one of them a sweater, a thoughtful gift indeed.


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The painting of murals on  the wall in  Nagireddyguda village Upper Primary School –the project taken by the Sreenidhi- CAS -students was completed on 14th December, 2019.

On the 14th November, 2019 the SIS-students celebrated the Children’s Day with the village school children in the village school. They initiated the mural painting project on the same day being the part of celebration. They wanted to do the entire school -7-class rooms inside and outside walls, the hall way entrance. As it was a huge project the volunteers planned to do it in piecemeal on every Friday starting from 14th November, 2019 and completed on the 14th December, 2019. It was indeed a wonderful work and spectacular creative art by which they gave the entire school a new face-lift and very well appreciated by both the school authorities and village community.

Please click Here Rithu Koppisetti DP 1A  KMRF  Mural painting – Reflection

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Out of 18 members who were diagnosed having cataract issues and advised for surgery only 12 members gave their consent to undergo the surgery on the 20th, December, 2019.

As per the advice of Swarup Eye centre, Hyderabad where the members were operated the   KMRF-facilitated for the blood work through Dr Lal Pathlabs—with whom KMRF has been working for the Diabetes Care Project– and testing them for HIV, Hbs Ag and Glucose Random (RBS)) of the members and the report sent to them for review and admitting them for the surgery .

The 12-members were fit enough to take up the surgery and were taken to Eye Centre on the    20th, December, 2019 and were taken to eye clinic for surgery. The procedure was for a single day and all of them were operated by 4 pm and were given dark glasses to wear for protection with the instruction to go for a review-check-up on the 25th, December, 2013. KMRF-the team took responsibility in motivating and taking them for check up. They were provided with eye drops for a month and antibiotics to take soon after the surgery for a week.

The NGO-sitaram  suvidha who played a major role right from conducting the camp to arranging for surgery, providing each member food for the day and also arranged for the review of the cases to assess after surgery for ( if) any problems with the vision and how well they are able to see after the surgery.

KMRF-EXTENDS its  heartfelt tanks and gratitude to THE NGO-SITARAM SUVIDHA – for their dedicated service and SPECIAL THANKS TO MS. MUNMUN GFANERIWAL—who took the responsibility for the entire project of Eye Camp till the surgery to affected ones happened . It was wonderful that she took personal care to see that everyone received good attention, treatment and food and she was there at the eye clinic  until all the members were checked and found fit to leave the hospital  back home.


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The villagers from Aziznagar with vision problem were advised by the Opticians in the Eye camp (30/11/2019) for spectacles.

Villagers from and around Aziznagar about 150 attended the camp. 39 members were diagnosed with vision problem and advised for wearing spectacles.

KMRF arranged a meeting with the villagers who were advised for spectacles sat the health centre, Aziznagar on the 6th December. 2019. The NGO-SITARAM SUVIDHA – Ms. Munmun Ganeriwal  and her mother in law Ms. Sudha Ganeriwal came to donate the spectacles to the affected persons by themselves.

Out of 39 villagers -25 were present on that day and distributed with specs. KMRF had taken care to distribute the remaining 14 to the villagers in the following week.


  18 members were diagnosed for cataract surgery

 Out of 18 motivated for surgery 12- members are willing to take up the surgery

  Surgery will be done in Swarup Eye Centre, Abids, and Hyderabad on the   20th of December, 2019.

 First batch of 12 –members will take up the surgery on that day.

 Remaining if anybody comes forward to undergo the surgery will be done in the second batch subsequently.

  Prior to admission each one of them need to be tested for HIV, HbsAg and Glucose Random and take the report at the time of admission.

  The tests will be done by Drlalpathlab with whom we have already signed MOU and collaborating for our “DIABETES CARE” program.

 Reports will be uploaded online and sent to Eye Centre for a review

 The members without any serious problem in the report will be advised to go for the surgery

They will be admitted in the morning and discharged in the evening

 KMRF-will take responsibility in taking them to hospital and dropping them back home after the surgery

KMRF team will visit them to ascertain the success of the surgery and prognosis of their vision. If any visit is required by the members to Eye Centre for review will be taken care by the foundation.

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Wall –painting by Sreenidhi students in the Upper Primary School, Nagireddyguda village, Moinabad Mandal, R.R.Dt, HYDERABAD.

Murals –Creative & Thematic painting by CAS-(Community, Action & Service) students of Sreenidhi International School.

The CAS – team from Sreendhi  International School, In view of Children’s’ Day, 14 November, 2019 undertook the project of Murals—Painting of Village school wall with creative and thematic ideas and initiated it in the entrance hall way of the school.

The students planned to do this thematic painting in the 6-class-rooms and hallway entrance of the school. The painting is at present an ongoing projects that students doing it on Mondays s that started off from 14th, Nov and continued on 18/11/19 and 25/11/19. Also they have planned to visit the school for this work on 2nd and 14th December, 2019.

The entire team of Sreenidhi creative-artists -around 10 to 12 students have already made a variety of wonderful paintings of animals representing ALPHABETS, Sun with smiley face, parts of a body, Planets, Numbers and Telugu Alphabets and made the walls  look dazzling and wonderful  with bright shades of colours. They have done their best to create effective meaningful paintings around the school that looks attractive and learner friendly.

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EYE-Camp in Aziznagar Village on 30 November 2019

In collaboration with sitaram suvidha, an NGO, Hyderabad in association with Swrup Eye Centre, Chapel Road, Hyderabad ,  the KMR Foundation organized and conducted an Eye Camp  on the  30th November, 2019 in  Aziznagar village, Moinabad Mandal, R.R.Dt. Hyderabad.

Around 200 adults of age 40 and above from Aziznagar and surrounding villages attended by a team of Opticians and an optometrist. The Aziznagar village students around 45 of grade 10 and with age above 15 were also brought for the Eye-camp—motivated and informed by the KMRF-team and got tested for their vision. Also present were some students who have some vision problems.

The advised / diagnosed cases for cataract surgery will be taken to Swarup Eye Centre, Hyderabad,  after fixing up a date with them for the surgery.

!9 adults /villagers have given their consent to undergo the surgery and will be taken on the given date by them. It will be a day’s procedure. The patients admitted will be provided with some light food before surgery.

They also need to test for HIV, HbsAg and RBS before they admitted for surgery. Pathlab will be doing the testing and reporting the findings to KMRF as we have been collaborating with them for the past 3-years for the “DIABETES CARE PROJECT” that is currently running in 4 –villages.

The villagers with vision problem around 40 of them will be supplied with free spectacles on    6th, December, 2019 (FRIDAY) personally by the NGO- Ms, Munmun Gneriwal.

The cases opted for surgery and willing to take it will be taken to Swarup Eye Centre after 11th of December, 2019. They will be staying at the Eye Centre from 9am to 5 pm until the procedure gets over.

They will be transported to and back home by KMRF.

It will not be an exaggeration  mentioning that KMRF—team took a task of convincing each       and every  advised case for cataract to take up the surgery as most of them did not have people to go with them or to give any moral support. As they being senior citizens and aged they required  persistent motivation for encouragement and make them feel easy without any fear or hesitation.

The report / status on surgery will be updated.


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KMRF SPORTS MEET – 2019– 20 on 23rd NOVEMBER, 2019

KMRF- SPORTS MEET – 2019 was held at the campus of Sreenidhi in collaboration with   SNSA & SIS, students’ volunteers on the 23rd, November, 2019.

Around 80 students of grade 5 and 6 from Aziznagar primary and high school took part in  60 & 200 meters sprint, 400-relay, long jump, shot-put and caterpillar –race.The participating students were trained on the said areas of track & field events for two-weeks prior to KMRF- Sports Meet to make them familiarize with rules and regulations.

Every one of them enthusiastically participated in all the events organized and guided by the SNSA-department on the day.  It was a truly gratifying day to witness the cheers and happiness in village school children.

The sports day started in the morning 9/30 with all the participating students assembled on the cricket ground where they were allotted different stations to perform. There were 5 -stations that the students took turns to participate and final event was 400-metre relay race.Each station was assisted and guided by staff and students’ volunteers. The participants   moved to each station on time. It was planned to end by 12 pm and were executed with military precision and ended with the medals distribution to winners on the dot 12/30 pm with the following criteria

  • Medals were given for three positions (First, Second & Third) to winners of each event like 60 mts, 200 mtrs, Long jump & Shotput) from Grade5 & 6.
  • 4x50m relay, four teams will compete in each group, the winner and runner up will get a yellow wristband with inscription of “KMR Sports Day 1st Team games”.
  • Catterpilar race : students will split into three equal groups to participate, winners will get yellow wristbands written (KMR Sports Day 1st Team games)
  • Every participant will get a green wristband written (KMR Sports Day Participant)

Ms. Nancy Sanderson Swartz, the head of school, Sreenidhi International School along with Mr. Twand Ryan, Director, Sreenidhi  Sports Academy gave away the medals to the winners.

The students were served lunch at the end of program on the campus and dropped back in their respective village schools by 1/30 pm.

The KMRF-Athletic Meet -2018 was organized and conducted by a dedicated team of staff from  Sreenidhi Sports Academy under the leadership of Twanda Ryan Matopotzy, the Director of Sports Academy of Sreenidhi International School assisted by Sreenidhi volunteers from MYP & DP –stream, staff and coordinated by KMRF-TEAM ( Anjaneyulu- C/L/C, Program Coordinator, Yamini, Computer Lab Instructor, Nandu –Data Entry Operator, Krishna-Program Asst) and    Ms. Meenakshi, College & Career Counselor who has been working and assisting with the activities and programs of village school students collaborating with SIS students & Staff.

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On 2ND and 16th, November, 2019 both 5th & 6th grade students around 80 participated in practice session on the campus of Sreenidhi at the football ground.

The team of CAS / MYP –volunteers assisted by Sreenidhi Sports Academy   trained the village school students in 60 & 200 mts Sprint, Long Jump and Short Put.

The students were divided into 4-groups and SIS-students volunteers took charge of conducting the events in turns so that each group got a chance for practicing all the 4-events.

All the students were trained sufficiently to take part on the KMRF-ANNUAL SPORTS DAY  WHICH WILL BE HELD ON THE 23RD NOVEMBER, 2019 ON THE CAMPUS OF SREENIDHI.

The participating students were served with biscuits and water in the beginning and snacks and drinks at the end of the session.

The foundation provides transport and refreshments to the participating students every time they visit to campus for activities on Saturdays.

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The students of IBDP-Sreenidhi International School took the task of Murals-Painting of walls of classrooms and the entrance –hall way of the Upper Primary school—in Nagireddyguda village.

The SIS-students chose this program of “Theme Painting of Walls” as CAS –project and planned to do on all the 6-class-rooms of the school. The students while surveying the school for this project found that the wall needs a thorough white wash before the start of Mural- painting.

As the village schools do not have enough funds to spend on such huge project, the SIS-HOS- was suggesting plans for fund-raising to meet up the cost of this white wash. Incidentally there was –             MUN  (Model United Nations-a program for world skills) program was going on in Sreenidhi International School, Aziznagar.

Ms. Nancy, Head Of School, SIS, with her efforts got the SMUN Secretariat raised the funds with its Conference over the weekend to pay for the whitewashing of 6 classrooms and the entrance hallway at the school.

The students of CAS- program kick-started the painting galore of the village school wall on the 14th, November. 2019 , being a part of Children’s Day Program.

It was fun for both the school students and students from grade -1 were asked to do hand-print on the wall above the painted tree-trunk that looked like branches of hands sticking out of the tree-trunk. They were so excited to participate.

It has been planned as a part of Children’s Day Celebrations on the 14th November, 2019. There were 2-group of SIS-volunteers to take care of Murals-painting and children’s day celebrations. They entertained the whole school with a quiz &  cultural program.

  • An introduction speech by students on the importance of November 14th being celebrated as children’s day, about Jawaharlal Nehru as a freedom fighter, writer, statesman. He was the Prime Minister of India since independence till 1967.
  • A quiz in General knowledge was conducted.
  • Students were asked to write aboutwhat they would like to be when they grow!!
  • It was interesting that one of the students mentioned that he would like to join Army and serve the country.
  • Last but one was the dancing galore—the Sreenidhi students loined thein circle and danced.
  • The village school girls danced to Telugu songs and Sreenidhi students joined them that went for more than an hour.

It was altogether a fun-filling evening and lasted for nearly 3 –hours as the painting program and Children’s day celebrations were planned for 1 to 4 pm.

Both the school students, village anganwadi students and staff were served with snacks and  drinks  before their dispersal.

The murals –painting will be completed subsequently by the SIS-students.

Please click Here Pranathi DP 1A KMRF Children’s Day- Reflection

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