Library – Reading Activity

It has been a routine activity for the village school children on Second Saturdays (holiday for the school) to come to the campus of SNIS  for Library program and movie show.

All of them were thrilled to see big books with bold prints and colourful pictures, some exiting activity packs, building blocks and puzzles that kept them busy as it was a total deviation from the rote learning in the school.

Learning alphabets in English was easy as they had a lot for visualization. Activities like identifying the alphabets, assembling letter for finding words, finding missing letters put them on the right tract for easy and effective way of learning English being the beginners.

Movie show in the SNIS Campus is the one they are eagerly looking for as the Second Saturday of the month is a holiday for the village school children. “Bala Hanuman, stories from “Ramayan”, stories of Akbar & Birbal were the titles shown to them.

Thanks to the staff & students of “Episcopal School of Dallas, U.S.A., for their efforts & generous contribution in setting up a Library with effective, attractive & meaningful materials like big posters, maps, globes, a varied collection of books suiting to the level of primary school children, audio & video CDs of moral and other stories.

It’s all about “learning with Fun”

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