CLC- Aziznagar – Course Certificate award ceremony

The 4th batch of candidates from Aziznagar village community were awarded with Course Completion Certificates   in Computer Basics on the 10th of September, 2014

A few of them were married with children and having computers at home, expressed their gratitude & thanks to the Foundation as it helped them to learn to best of their abilities giving maximum time possible without having to go out of the village which is not possible at all.

Even though they have computers at home they are not familiar with its simple functions. It was indeed gratifying to listen to one of the candidates  saying “ma’am I was rather scared to touch and operate the system on my own and did not even know how to switch on & off as it has been completely handled by my husband who handles photo-shop and graphics for his work.” Now I am so confident that I can handle the system independently and even teach my children. Some of them are degree holders in Computers and B. Com. happy to get such an exposure where they get opportunity for practice and an extensive learning.

Those who are keen & interested to get trained in advance course from the 4 batches of students will be given training shortly.

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