Eye-Camp in Aziznagar Village

In collaboration with V.R.K. Medical & Research Institute for Women & Hospital, Aziznagar, Hyderabad, the KMR Foundation had organized and conducted an Eye-Camp on the 18th of September, 2014 in Aziznagar village.

Around 170 adults both women & men were attended by an Ophthalmologists and technicians for their vision and cataract problem. 60 of them found to have vision problem due to old age and they needed a surgery for cataract.

All of them were advised to go to their hospital with the provided slip for further monitoring and diagnosis after which the identified cases of cataract will be admitted for surgery and treated.

Essential medicines and vitamins along with eye drops were provided to them as per requirement.

Most of were above 65 of age and were happy that they could come and consult   as it was happening in the village near to their homes, otherwise they need to go out of the village which they felt is not possible..

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