KMRF-Athletic Meet at the Sreenidhi Campus

An important objective of KMRF’S Education program is to reach out to the most marginalized groups of children and provide them with opportunities for holistic education and development. KMRF has been a vehicle for this in providing opportunities through the resources and infrastructure available in then vast campus of Sreenidhi International School.

The village school students visit the campus regularly and enjoy access to the state-of-the art-sports field in the campus of Sreenidhi. Such exposure gives them ample opportunity to discover their talents and pursue them.  Also important is to nurture the talents with regular practice and coaching. Apart from engaging them in regular exercise and practice, they also play games like basketball & football.

Annual KMRF-Athletic Meet is held every year to encourage their skills. The students take part in 100 & 200meters sprint & long jump. The winners are awarded with the certificates and medals at the Sports Day of Sreenidhi on the 20th December, 2014.

Mass –Drill display at the SNIS-Sports Day

The grade 5 students of Central Primary School, Aziznagar took part in Aerobics on the Annual Sports Day celebrations of Sreenidhi International School.  Around 40 students from grade 5 took part in this Aerobics. It was a spectacular performance with perfect precision and synchronization as they moved in tune with the music.

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