Read a story— fun learning activity on children’s day, 2015

On the occasion of Children’s Day, Sreenidhi students from Grades 11 and Grade 6 organized a story telling session, fun learning activities and games for Grade 6 students from the Aziznagar Village School.

It was quite interesting to watch the Sreenidians read the story for the village school children through a online video presentation—giving the meaning of the words that they found difficult and explaining them in local language Telugu.Surprisingly they could tell the meaning for most of the words and they could guess the ending of the story too..Every one enjoyed the session like watching a movie.

The lesson plans and activities were planned by Sreenidhi students and one student from Grade 6,  Sania Hasan took the initiative to buy gifts which were given away as prizes. After the learning activities, each student from the Aziznagar Village School was gifted with a story book.

Around 60 story books were distributed to the students, which was sponsored by the Green Team.         The aim of this project was to encourage students to read books.

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