Collaborative Programs with SNIS & SNSA—(Sreenidhi International School & Sreenidhi Sports Academy)

The routine program that has been going on from August, 2014 will be continued –with regard to—

ENGLISH SKILLS—to 5th & 6th graders of Village Primary & High School students, Aziznagar by the CAS-Students of SNIS—at the Sreenidhi Campus assisted by Ms. Christine.The session includes –video assisted learning that helps the village children in visualizing the entire concept, engage them in reading, writing. Story-telling sessions also will be held and story books distributed.

Games at the SNIS campus—— the 5th & 6th graders around 120 will be participating in games and training in simple physical education to keep them fit.

There will be training in physical education and games will be conducted in the village school, especially volleyball.  A volleyball court has been donated to village school to encourage sports & Games in the village school.

The continuous training and engaging them in games help improve and develop their skills. In the month of December all the students participate in KMRF-Sports Meet. Around 5o of them are trained for Mass – Drill or Aerobics Display at the Annual Sports Day being conducted at the Sreenidhi campus every Year.

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