World Literacy Day- KMRF & Sreenidhi –a collaborative program at the Sreenidhi Campus.

In view of “World Literacy Day “ —KMRF in collaboration with Sreenidhi CAS & MYP-Students celebrated the event meaningfully involving around 100 students of 5th & 6th grade students from Aziznagar Primary & High school on the 19th, September, 2015.

Following programs were organized and conducted at the Sreenidhi campus:

  1. Reading Program to enhance English skills.
  2. Story –telling session—
  3. A play was enacted to emphasize “ service for humanity”—helping each other by the Sreenidhi students in Telugu and English
  4. Story Books were distributed to all the students.
  5. Drawing & painting—program was conducted to enhance their creative skills
  6. Color pencils, and drawing pencils were distributed to the participants.
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