“Teaching Canvas”–project –a collaborative program by KMRF & Sreenidhi- an act of caring!!!!

A team of Middle Year Program Students ( 8th & 9th Graders) from Sreenidhi International School engaged in a project-“ Teaching Canvas”—-theme painting of  Bakaram village school that includes alphabets with pictures , names of the year & months, numbers, solar system, parts of body,etc.

This helps children with a kind of visual learning with fun

Ms. Mayra the faculty from Sreenidhi gives a brief account of their project and how they accomplished their mission.

“A simple act of caring creates an endless ripples”——It gives us immense pleasure in sharing the simple act of caring that our students displayed these two days by completing their project ‘Teaching Canvas’ in the Bakaram Village School.

As part of their MYP design cycle the students of Grade 8 have been working on this unit for past 6 months which culminated with a beautiful and meaningful end product.

The unit began with the students visiting the site enquiring the school stakeholders about the requirement. They developed ideas over a period of time and created blueprints using digital technologies. They now went ahead to execute their planning in the form of education imparting walls and also collected necessary feedback in order to evaluate the success of the end product. To achieve their target students conceived, organized and successfully conducted a ‘Bake Sale’ during Sreenidhi MUN and raised  funds for this activity.

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