Prize Distribution at the village School, Aziznagar.Republic Day Celebrations

The Republic Day celebrations at the Basthi School, Aziznagar started with flag hoisting, singing of National Anthem followed by some cultural programs.

The 5th graders performed the drill exercise before the village community, being the audience for the program that they learnt and performed at the Sports day of SNIS. The medals and prizes were awarded to the winners of the sports events conducted at the village school.

KMRF sponsors the prizes every year. This year the Youth Club of Aziznagar contributed for the medals. At the end of the program KMRF distributed sweets & snacks to all the students.

Similarly the Central Primary School, Aziznagar also had conducted cultural programs and KMRF—sponsored Prizes for the winners of the sports events and  distributed snacks  and sweets for the entire school on the 26th Jan, 2016

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