Children’s Day Celebrations for the AzizNagar Village Students—a collaborative program

The students of grades 6 to 9 from Sreenidhi International School came together to plan a fun filled exciting day with  full of activities and interesting games to entertain the children from the nearby Aziz Nagar village school for Children’s Day celebrations. The village children that we are going to entertain are 5th and 6th graders and who come to Sreenidhi campus for 3-Saturdays to develop their skills in English, Math and Physical Education with the guidance and assistance of specific volunteers as well as teachers from Sreenidhi International School through activities and interactive learning procedures. In order to make Children’s Day on the 14th of November, a delightful and interesting experience for the KMRF village students, we started planning almost a week and a half prior.

We planned to conduct fun games for them and decided to have five games- Dog and the Bone, the Sponge Challenge, Three-Legged Race, Dodge ball and the Lemon and Spoon races. All of these were quite fun for the students, as well as the volunteers to engage with them.

Around 102 students participated in this activity and we had planned for 5 stations for the above listed games engaging 20 students in a group. As soon as the time came to change from one station to another for another game there was a pretty large amount of confusion initially, but slowly after two transitions, it became much smoother and more effective. At the end each student got to go to at least 4 of the 5 stations and at every station one volunteer was writing down the names of the most outstanding players.

As soon as the field day activities were over (they took about 1 hour and 15 minutes), the students were taken to the amphitheater. Here, they sat on the stage in a semicircle, and sang a small song with a music teacher as well as a few student volunteers accompanying her on various instruments and the best part was the music teacher called the village students and handle the accompanying instruments like table which they thoroughly enjoyed giving in their best performance. And after the song, they played a game called “Passing the Parcel.” A small package is passed around, and music is played. Whenever the music stops, the person who has the package in their hands had to stand up, open it, and talk about the item that was inside the parcel. All of the items included had to do with hygiene, and the kids learnt a lot from this activity.

After these songs and games, there was a prize distribution for all of the kids that performed outstandingly during the field day events. Yet, everyone returned with snacks and chocolate, and many others also received a little gift  or a small package with hygiene related products. All of the kids enjoyed these special activities, and it made me extremely happy to see the smiling looks on each and every one of their faces.

It was a long day, which was quite eventful and interesting, and after an amazing time, all of the kids returned to their school, with wonderful smiles and happy hearts! This was an amazing learning experience, and I personally developed many skills while organizing the event and on the field while conducting these events. There was active participation and all of the volunteers gave us positive feedback. Overall, we can say that this Children’s Day Celebration was a grand success and very satisfying event!

—Pranathi 8B MYP

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