KMRF-Annual Donation of Notebooks to adopted village primary schools- for The academic year 2017 -18 on 21st & 22nd of June, 2017.

KMRF, being its one of the regular annual activities–the annual donation of notebooks for the academic year 2016-17, distributed notebooks to adopted village primary schools. We  distributed the notebooks on the 21st & 22nd of June, 2017  a week after the village schools reopend for the new academic year 2017 -18  after their vacation.

The 2-primary schools in Aziznagar and 5  other village schools as noted below received their notebooks on 21st June, 2017.

Aziznagar 2-primary schools received their books on 21st, June, 2017

C.P.S.A.N : 179 STUDENTS, H.W.S, A.N: 63 students

Total students: 242 students in both the schools respectively.

Total Notebooks supplied: 2331

Nagireddyguda primary school got their books on the 21st June, 2017—

Total students- 82

Total notebooks supplied-808

Bakaram school got for

Total students- 84

Total Notebooks supplied-672

Yenkapally school got for

Total students-96

Total Notebooks supplied-870

Jeevanguda  school got for

Total students-51

Total Notebooks supplied-418

Murthuzaguda got for

Total students-87

Total Notebooks supplied-740

Around 5839 notebooks to 642 students were distributed.

The respective primary schools from grade 1 to 5 were distributed as per the school requirement of different type of notebooks ranging from square ruled, double ruled, single ruled, one-sided and Math. We also have supplied 4-rule notebooks to all grades to help them learn and improve English language writing skills.

KMRF appointed staff is helping the Aziznagar Primary schools, grade 4 & 5.

The KMRF-Staff took care of subsequent distribution of notebooks to the absentees.

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