KMRF & SNSA – Collaborative program 2017-18 Games for Aziznagar village schools’ students on the Sreenidhi campus.

KMRF – Saturday program, collaborating with Sreenidhi Sports Academy kick started  today 22nd, July, 2017. The village school students from Aziznagar primary schools, 5th graders and 6th graders from high school  around 110 gathered in the sports complex of SIS. The session started  with Mr. Shiv.K. Sen   ( Director, SNSA )introducing the sports academy staff and  Ms. Meenakshi,  ACC (Asst.College Counselor, SIS) to the village school students.

Mr. Shiv spoke to the students and explained how the future sessions going to be and how they  all will  be trained for the track and field events to be held on the KMRF-Sports Meet, 25th, November, 2017.

While Mr. Shiv was motivating them for their active participation that would make them physically fit, he also found their interest in playing football and basketball. He encouraged them saying that all the students would be divided into groups and each group will be trained for the upcoming athletic events besides Mass Drill practice which would happen on the Sports Day of Sreenidhi International School  on the 16th of December, 2017. He also assured that they will be coached for the games that they are interested in learning like football & basketball.

The students were taken to the play field by the academy staff and KMRF-team.  Also were present the students who have come to take the internship from Gwalior.

The village students thoroughly enjoyed the session that started with warm up exercise followed by some running practice and fun games. It has been a fun-filled, satisfying event as far as the village students concerned as they always look forward to such time visiting the campus of Sreenidhi on Saturdays.

All the students dispersed after having some snacks & drinks around 12 noon. They were dropped back to the their schools by Sreenidhi transport.

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