Initiation of TETRA in AZIZNAGAR, Moinabad Mandal on 9 April, 2018

KMRF-has initiated the TETRA-project (BP & DIABETES-PROGRAM) in Aziznagar village   on 9 April, 2018.

Total population of the village is – 5513 with 3679 adults for target. The village has two demarcated areas –upper village and lower village. We had planned to finish the lower village with -1067 adults to screen initially then to move to upper village.

We started this progam on the 9th April, 2018 after formally informing the village Sarpanch for this activity. A team of KMRF- comprising a nursing  asst,  data manager and a program assistant  to handle and operate the equipments  the Tablet,  electronic BP-Apparatus and Glucometer.

The program consists of following steps with villagers: (we have the complete data of villagers)
Briefing them of the project and its importance and the procedures that are going to be carried out and the precautions to be followed before the testing procedure for sugar.

Distributing the consent form and get their signature for accepting to take this project.

If they have no objection and agreed to take this project , we will continue with the formulated procedure staring with

(a)    Filling in the questionnaire for the family history of any medical issues other than routine information.

(b)   Observing their weight and  height and recording them

(c)    Recoding of their BP—3-reading s will be taken with 2 mts gap.

(d)   Sugar-testing will be done the following day after informing them to be on fasting till 7am.

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