KMRF – Summer Camp – 2018 from 9th April to 16th May Computer Literacy Program at the Computer Learning Centre, Aziznagar Village.

The Annual Summer Camp has been a routine activity being held since 2009 during summer months. It is held at the KMRF -Computer Learning Centre in Aziznagar village, set up in February, 2014. This computer lab is in the centre of Aziznagar village to be able to cater to students from and around the village for both male & female students.

The course is aimed to familiarize them with basic functions of computers and the modules such as Office-package, excel, PowerPoint, accessing internet and opening email account will be covered.

This year 2018-19, we have only 22 students contrary to 53 students that joined last year -2017.

We found that many students joined for taking coaching for appearing in Polytechnic exams.They are from Azinagar, Yenkapally and Amdapur village. Among the students joined, most of them are  10th grade appeared in addition to a few intermediate course students.

The foundation also conducts regular Computer lessons at the Computer Lab for the students of grade 7 ,8 & 9 throughout the academic year covering the above modules. They attend class twice a week. The 10th graders being the board exam batch could not spend time at the lab as they are busy preparing other subjects as per curriculum. Hence the 10th graders from the   Zilla Parishath School, Aziznagar take this summer course.

The course program has been designed in such a way that students will take the session with practice for 3 to 4 weeks from April 5th to 16th May, 2018. They are being tutored and trained by 2 instructors. The students get worksheets for the topics covered and will be tested for their understanding and skills.

A valedictory function will be organized at the end of the course and course completion certificates awarded to the students.

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