Sports For All – a talent search program – 2018 – summer camp for Aziznagar village students: Closing Ceremony on 21st May, 2018.

On 21st May, 2018, the students those participated in the Talent Search Program Camp were awarded with a participation certificate at the sports complex of Sreenidhi International School.

After the inauguration of the Talent search program camp on the 21st, March, 2018 the selected students of  60 from Aziznagar Primary and High School were engaged in training in Athletics, Basketball, Football, Tennis and Squash. The students were coached by the respective sports faculty.

The sports academy after coaching them for a month, from 54 students who attended regularly, based on their talent and skills 31 students were selected comprising 21 boys and 10 girls.

Athletics- 4, Squash–4, Basketball -9, Football 11 and Tennis 3.

The selected students will attend regular coaching session in their selected sport at the Sreenidhi school sports ground along with Sreenidhi students after July, 20, 2018. A schedule of program will be planned and distributed to the students.

This activity happened at the campus of Sreenidhi International School for a month in the evening between 4/45 to 6 PM . The students were provided with a transport for pick and drop. They were also provided with drinks and snacks after the program.

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