“CREATIVITYIS TO SEE WHAT OTHERS DON’T SEE“: An exhibition of creative ideas at sis campus on the 26th, April, 2019

Art activities keep the children entertained and cultivate the creative skills in them. The grade 4 & 5 children of Aziznagar primary school are engaged in drawing & painting sessions when they visit campus on Saturdays for extra- curricular activities.

They are engaged in drawing and painting with their creative ideas and supported by            Sreenidhi CAS students and volunteers . They were also given designs on papers for colouring.  It was amazing to see their work so bright and attractive with vibrant colours meticulously done with patience and spending time to choose right colours and make such big charts.

To encourage their creativity and enhance their interest, the art work of village children are displayed at the campus on the Sreenidhi’s annual art exhibition of the Sreenidhians. This year their works were exhibited on the glass –panels of the audio-visual room at the lab side entrance to be able to see by all the parents and visitors to the exhibition. The exhibits also include their craft work like –paper snakes, bags and Japanese art-work in the paper of a flying fish—looks like a paper-kite with bright steamers used for tails etc.

The village school children could not come on the exhibition day as their holidays began from April 15th. Yet their exhibits were much appreciated by the visitors for their creativity and hard work.

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