Art & Craft – Dhiya-painting – a collaborative program at the Sreenidhi campus– on 22nd October, 2019

The painting of Dhiyas before Diwali is the event that village children actively participate every year and enjoy doing it. This year on the 22nd October, 2019 the village students from grade 4 & 5 around 85 gathered to have fun and enjoy at the painting Gala.

The activity happened at the campus in the afternoon from 3 to 4 pm assisted by the Sreenidhi volunteers. They painted around 750 Dhiyas and also made attractive Book-marks. These dhiyas along with greeting cards and book-marks that they made were exhibited at the campus of Sreenidhi International School for sale on the International Day Celebrations on   24th, October, 2019.

At the end of this activity they were given snacks and drinks. The proceeds go to foundation to be spent for the needs that support their education in village schools.



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