The grade 5 and 6 of Aziznagar Primary & high school students around 82 attended the Christmas special assembly on the campus of Sreenidhi International School on the 20th December 2019.

They all came in colour dresses and suitable costume and were in a fitting mood to go on the stage to give their favourite performance—a dance choreographed by the students themselves to a movie -song in Telugu. The audience was thrilled to listen to fast beats and watch them dance cheerfully in a well synchronized with flawless steps. Every one enjoyed their performance and applauded loudly.   It was a pleasant surprise to have had Christmas Santa joined them and danced merrily.

The SIS-Students’ council who were in charge of the assembly and the day’s program thanked them for the spectacular performance and the village school authorities for having permitted them to participate. At the end of the program the SIS-Students gifted each one of them a sweater, a thoughtful gift indeed.


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