KMRF- Participation in the Annual Sports Day of SIS at Sreenidhi Campus — On 25 Jan 2020.

The Annual Sports Day of Sreenidhi International School, Aziznagar was held on the 25th January, 2020 at the school campus.  Around 35 students of 5th & 6th grade from Aziznagar village school who were the winners of KMRF- Sports Day already held on the campus of Sreenidhi on the 23rd November, 2019 were brought to campus for

  • receiving medals and certificates
  • also to (finalists of 200 meter sprint) participate in the final event.

 Ms. Jwala Gutta was the Chief Guest of the program, an Indian professional badminton player. Beginning in the late 1990s, she represented India at international events in both mixed and women’s doubles.She spoke on the importance of participating and developing skills in sports. At the end of the program he gave away medals and prizes to all the winners and participants of SIS & KMRF students.

Earlier on the 23rd November, 2019  the KMRF- SPORTS MEET – 2019 was held at the campus of Sreenidhi in collaboration with SNSA & SIS – students’ volunteers.  Around 80 students of grade 5 and 6 from Aziznagar primary and high school took part in             100 & 200 meters sprint, 400-relay, long jump, shot-put and caterpillar –race. The participating students were trained on the said areas of track & field events for two-weeks prior to KMRF- Sports Meet to make them familiarize with rules and regulations. Every one of them enthusiastically participated in all the events organized and guided by the SNSA-department on the day.  It was a truly gratifying day to witness the cheers and happiness in village school children.

All the students were distributed with Sports Uniform and T-shirts of different colours. They were also supplied with sports shoes and socks. They used Green, Blue, red and yellow   T-shirts.

All the students took their snack box and drinks at the end of Sports day.

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