The village school students from 5th and 6th graders around 80 have been visiting the campus of Sreenidhi International School for extracurricular activities like language instructions, Sports & games and art & craft session for 3-Saturdays every month. This program usually starts from the 2nd week of August of that academic year after the Sreenidhi students come back to school after summer vacation.

The village school students are engaged in Language Instructions, games and art activities. The volunteers from Sreenidhi International School engage the students in these activities with a plan of schedule guided by their teachers.

This academic year apart from Dhiya painting program in the month of October the village school students had the opportunity for art & craft sessions on the 29th February and 7th March, 2020 on the campus with volunteers of SIS who were helping and guiding them. It was all about colouring the beautiful designs on papers given to children. It was wonderful to see them engaged in their work with more focus. They made beautiful and colourful pictures of animals, scenery, nature and flowers. Students with more skills in art were engaged in creative drawing and painting, taking a theme like Nature, village houses, green fields and roads and beaches.

The art work of these village school 5th & 6th graders including their craft works / work on Origami done during the academic year will be exhibited in the Art Exhibition of SIS to be held on the 25th, April, 2020.

Overall, all the students thoroughly enjoyed the session and were happy to carry the piece with them that they have done.  On completion of their session they dispersed with snacks and drinks. They were provided with transport to attend these activities on Saturday at the campus of Sreenidhi.

The students continued the session in their school in Aziznagar (village primary school) assisted by KMRF-staff subsequently on the 9th & 10th of March, 2020.


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