Career Guidance to 10th grade students

During the Summer Camp the foundation took the opportunity to speak with each and every one of the 10th grade students about their career choice, group selection, their interest and their future plans. As these students were already in the Sreenidhi Campus for the computer Literacy Program we could have this meeting with them to guide and give right direction to choose their further course of study.

The event was an eye opener to understand and realize that how important it is to discuss closely with them when we heard them speak their mind.

  • Many children are scared to speak to their parents especially to the father out of respect.
  • They would do whatever their parents suggest them to do.
  • They go for the choice of group as their friends’ do.
  • They have very little knowledge about short term and diploma courses.
  • They are interested to go for job oriented courses.
  • They do not want to take a course of purely academic oriented and take tuff exams.
  • They felt that importance is not been given to learning of English in the school.
  • They wanted the team members to speak with their parents and motivate them to send them for higher studies.

We found out that their choice of selection of the groups for Intermediate Course is neither according to their interest or proficiency. So we guided and advised them to go for such groups selection that they can focus and do well. If they select the course as per their interest and ability they can perform well and score good marks.

We also explained to them about the Institutes that offer vocational courses like ITI and other short term courses. We also gave the details of many courses that have been offered for students who could not clear grade10.

Some of them were interested in joining the coaching institute to prepare for entrance examinations. Girls opted to join some skill training courses like tailoring, computer operator and beautician.

The foundation team will work more intensely after knowing their 10th grade results to motivate them and join them in different courses suiting to their interests and capability.

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