This year we have introduced the OLPC- Activities to the children of  classes 3,4 & 5 (around 20 of them) from Harijan Basthi school and the class 4 children of Central primary School, Aziznagar who attended  the introduction session. The team members demonstrated the group how to handle and operate the XOs.  Also they explained about various activities that they are going to be engaged slowly. 

The village children will be engaged in these activities (OLPC-Programme)in the Campus of Sreenidhi International School in the computer lab where they have on line and electricity facility through out the day. 

Last year the children were using the laptops as stand alone systems and the XOs were charged in the campus and taken to the village schools for children. 

To improve the efficiency and life of the batteries this year the foundation has decided to conduct the activities after their school hours in the Sreenidhi International School, Aziznagar. The parents of the children came forward willingly, duly signing the given acceptance letter to send the children after their school hours. 

The foundation has been providing transport to fetch and drop the children back in the village. 

The children are happy and confident to handle the laptops by themselves. They are very keen to learn and kept asking when they would be coming next. The freedom what they enjoy while learning and the friendly approach and the method of teaching of the foundation team encourage them to be independent and disciplined in the class. We hope that their  interaction and sharing of their knowledge with their classmates through these XSs will definitely enhance their learning skills

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