Health Care: 

100% Immunization to children and Care of Expectant mothers.

Initial Focus: 

adopted Aziznagar village where Sreenidhi International School is located.

Present Focus:

22 villages of Moinabad Mandal

Future Focus:

  • Expansion of Health care program for the entire Moinabad Mandal
  • Project to be completed in 3 phases. ( total 38 villages)
  • first phase targeted 22 villages by June, 2010 ( completed)
  • Second phase of 6 villages by Dec, 2010.
  • Third phase would cover the balance of 10 villages by June, 2011


Our educational support program focuses on ensuring access to quality education for all.

Present Focus:

Govt Primary Schools, Aziznagar, Nagireddyguda & Bakkaram

  • Improve the quality of education by extending service and resources from Sreenidhi International School Campus, Aziznagar.

Future Focus:

Will be for the entire  Moinabad Mandal. 

An Overview of Moinabad-Mandal Map

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